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    Looking to join an active Sunfish fleet in retirement - where would you move?

    Arizona is a popular retirement destination for good reason, and we have a great Sunfish Fleet within the Arizona Yacht Club. We just finished a 3-day Regatta, and sailed last weekend, and will sail again this weekend ... it’s FEBRUARY and the weather is great. Check us out! Sunfish - Arizona...
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    Very good info, Clark. So, when I had done a few leak tests (and I really like the video leak testing that you posted - much improved process over my own earlier attempts), I had unscrewed the cap to the deck drain (just forward of the cockpit along the starboard rail) and blew air in there ...
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    Bingo! Thanks Clark. I had no idea that was there; but, of course, it only makes sense. I’ll make sure to keep it open.
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    Tillers and tiller extensions

    Golf club shafts? Now THAT’S innovative! For short courses, you would need like a 9-iron shaft, and for long race courses, or cruising, you would need a driver or fairway-wood shaft, right? I have a tendency to slice to starboard which would also hurt in a Sunfish race.
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    Hi Clark: This is really a GREAT post - very informative. Thank you for posting it! So, I did NOT know that Sunfish had vent holes until you mentioned it - makes great sense. Where would I find the vent hole on my 1979 Sunfish? Any idea? Took us years to notice that there is a Super...
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    Advice on starting a Sunfish Fleet within our club (Arizona Yacht Club)

    Hi Jeff: Great to hear, and I think I can help you with both the Sunfish and the Catalina 22! I sent you an email to the address listed in the AYC Membership Directory with additional information and my phone number. With you onboard, we have our five (5) members and I will ask that we...
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    Advice on starting a Sunfish Fleet within our club (Arizona Yacht Club)

    Excellent ideas, Wavedancer. Especially the “age appropriate” beverages. I am the wrong guy to be doing a clinic - I’m very new to the Sunfish! But, we’ll get there! Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Advice on starting a Sunfish Fleet within our club (Arizona Yacht Club)

    Thanks for the comments and ideas. I think you guys are correct ... keep it relaxed and open. Surprisingly for the Arizona desert, we do have a very active yacht club - membership of about 250-families, with boats ranging from BICs to Hobie 33s. At our big annual regatta, we fielded 70-boats...
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    Advice on starting a Sunfish Fleet within our club (Arizona Yacht Club)

    I enjoy racing a Catalina 22 in our local club C-22 one-design fleet. Now that I also have a Sunfish (1979 model year), I’m reaching out to other local Sunfish owners to gauge interest in starting a Sunfish Fleet within AYC. To establish our own fleet, we need a total of 5-boats to race ...
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    New Sunfish Owner

    Marty: nice Sunfish, and great trailer. Just checked out your website - really nice. Judging from your webpage, I think you’re going to LOVE sailing your Sunfish. Feel free to post a picture or two of that vintage jeep, too. Just sayin’
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    What kind of paddle for Sunfish ?

    Will: Have you tried Cochiti Lake, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque? I have a friend that lives in Cochiti Pueblo and Cochiti Lake looks pretty nice. I’m planning on bring my Sunfish over from Phoenix sometime this summer and giving it a try. If you have any experience sailing on Cochiti...
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    New Sailfish

    That’s a fun and helpful PDF, Beldar. Thanks for posting that link.
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    First time on the lake with my restored Sunfish...

    Nice looking boat - and no leaks! I need to get my ‘79 on the water pretty soon. I’m thinking of getting a new trailer - you have a really nice looking trailer and set-up. What kind of trailer is that, and is that a pool-noodle on the tie-down at the rear?
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    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    Where in New Mexico are you sailing? I’m in Phoenix and have a ‘79 Sunfish that I have yet to take out (registration issues with the darned trailer ☹️). I have a friend that lives right by Cochiti Lake, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I’m planning to trailer it out there and do some sailing...
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    Video: A Southeast Day At Tomales Bay

    Great info. Thanks Andy! Hope to get out there one of these days. - Bob
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    Video: A Southeast Day At Tomales Bay

    Andy: great video, and thanks for posting it! Tomales Bay looks like a great place to sail. I may have to tow my Sunfish out from Phoenix this summer and give it a go. I love that area (spent a summer in Petaluma back in the day, courtesy of Uncle Sam); but I don’t think I’ve ever laid eyes...
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    First post...Bought 1999 Vanguard Sunfish for $300...

    Wow! Great job! She looks great. Happy sailing!
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    Dollies: Jotag versus Dynamic ...

    Beldar: thanks for the link to the previous thread on Jotag dollies ... I should have thought to search for earlier threads. That info was really useful ... just enough to make me think that I’ll pass on the Jotag and pony-up for the Dynamic ... at some point, hopefully soon. L&VW: thanks...
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    Dollies: Jotag versus Dynamic ...

    Wow, Clark, you have a lot of “dolly” experience! And you make a good case for the Dynamic dolly ... I like “made in the USA”, and typically am happy to pay a little more for that. Really cool set-up that you have there ... I need to spend some more time on your Facebook page - lots of cool...
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    Dollies: Jotag versus Dynamic ...

    I would really like to get a nice dolly for my ‘79 Sunfish; but, they’re pretty expensive. I see that Intensity Sails has the Jotag dolly on sale for about $100 off ... that’s a pretty hefty discount, and pretty tempting. Does anyone have experience with the Jotag dolly? I would be interested...