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  1. kmisegades

    Laser Foil Details sought

    I recently developed new efficient daggerboard and rudder for my Sunfish. See A friend in Florida has asked me to do the same for his Laser. I have the overall dimensions but need yet details on the foils used for both, as these are the baseline for my design. I used the...
  2. kmisegades

    AeroSouth Sunfish Components

    A few of you have asked me to give more details on the components we've been working on. These are shown now at, the section on Sailboats. None are in full production but the three small things (sheet clip, tiller extension and mast hole plug) are essentially ready now. The...
  3. kmisegades

    Sunfish Sail: Leech Cupping issue

    I have been sailing this year with a new 'Sunfish Sail, White, 10016' from Sunfish Direct. The quality is good but the leech has a permanent cup/hook to it that I have not been able to eliminate through rigging and re-rigging. If I think of the cross-sectional airfoil this creates it is akin...
  4. kmisegades

    My improved dagger board and rudder

    Dear friends, I recently designed a new dagger board that promises a 20% improvement in performance, based on the ratio of side force to drag compared to the composite/FRP board I am now using. I am currently making a composite prototype to test the design on my boat. When this is done I will...