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    PENNSYLVANIA Racing sail and a standard sail for sale

    Hi, I have two sails on auction on ebay. The standard sail is white with red and blue stripes at the head and has a window. It was in use for eight seasons and has been folded up in a box since 1979! Sunfish Sail - Authentic original Sunfish sail | eBay . The other sail is a white, class...
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    North Americans mark rounding video - from drone

    Rounding the weather mark and looks like they are headed to an offset mark.
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    Sunfish North Americans results posted

    Looks like they are posting after each race. 2019 Sunfish North American Championship on Yacht Scoring - A complete web based regatta administration and yacht scoring program I think that Knotguilty, who has been posting some rigging questions before the regatta is competing; so hopefully he...
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    For the Bay Area sailors

    During the 2 or 3 years I lived in San Francisco, one of the most fun things I did sailing was sail in the Dinghy Delta Ditch run sponsored by Lake Washington Sailing Club. This year it looks like it is August 3, but the Notice of race isn’t posted yet LWSC Calendar You start near Rio Vista...
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    Ran across ancient Sailfish sail and wooden spars for sale

    I was looking for something else on Craigslist, and found this Sailfish Sail & Parts The sail looks great, so I assume the wood spars are not heavily used. The mast is part aluminum and part wood. It is amazing what old stuff is still kicking around!
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    An unusual wooden Sunfish - thoughts on it?

    Hi, I belong to Brant Beach YC in New Jersey, and the club just was gifted a wooden Sunfish that was no longer wanted by its owner. It sounds like it may not have been in the water since the '60s. Anyway, it has two unusual features for a Sunfish - First, it has a centerboard instead of a...
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    2008 Laser with Full and Radial Rigs - now with pictures!

    I have owned this boat since late 2014 and I have only sailed it 4 days, so it is going up for sale. I bought the top section new when I bought the boat, so it has only four days on it. One radial sail is unused, with a second used radial sail included (it looks to be fairly well-used, but I...
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    Here are results from the Women's 2016 North Americans

    Nice article with a few pics from Sailing Scuttlebutt Growing the Sport with the Sunfish >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
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    A fun and unique Sunfish race for Northern Californians!

    On Saturday, Aug. 8, I sailed in the annual Dinghy Delta Ditch regatta, a fantastic event put on by the Lake Washington Sailing Club of Sacramento, CA. The race was 30 miles long, and 25 or so boats of different classes entered. The race starts near Rio Vista, CA on the Sacramento River, then...
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    2015 Sunfish Worlds Sail design announced

    Found the link on the Sunfish Worlds facebook page The championship is in October in Paracas, Peru.
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    Brant Beach NJ regatta cancelled this Saturday

    If you were planning on coming, the club has cancelled the regatta.
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    Best investment company TV ad ever - there is a Sunfish in it!

    At the 50 second mark of this ad for the investment firm BlackRock, there is an older metal-edged Sunfish sitting in a boathouse - look at the lower left corner of the ad. It can be identified as a Sunfish due to the metal edge, bow handle, and the three diagonal stripes on the deck. Gotta...
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    North Americans pictures - link enclosed

    Here are some pics from I believe day 1 and day 2 of racing. You may need to cut and paste the link.
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    Quick update on the North Americans that just wrapped up

    There is a link to the results at It was generally a windy regatta. All races were in southwesterlies. The first race of the event was in relatively light air - probably 8 kts or so - and Amanda Callahan won, with three of the top five being women in that race. The next...
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    Mid Atlantic Regionals in NJ this weekend!

    The regionals are this weekend at Brant Beach YC in Brant Beach on Long Beach Island, NJ. The weather forecast is great, so make plans to come to the regatta, and if you already have plans, change them!! I am biased since I am a member of BBYC, but we have an excellent race committee, there...
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    Hope someone at the Intl Masters posts an update

    Scores are wildly inconsistent after three races. Assume it is either very light in Tampa, which is likely, or some wild shifts.
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    2013 Sunfish Worlds Notice of Race is now posted

    It is posted on The event starts October 5 in Lewes, DE. Currently it is a 72 boat, bring your own boat, must-be-qualified thru the usual procedures (Regionals, North Americans, etc.) event. Chris
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    Sunfish North Americans and Youth Worlds NOR is now posted

    It's available at The club will be in full running order, despite the superstorm (we already had our New Year's Eve party in the clubhouse.) Come on down! (or over, up, or down!)
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    Sunfish Class Council Meetings report from St. Pete Worlds

    Hi, I want to update everyone on the happenings of the Sunfish Advisory Council and World Council from the Worlds that just wrapped up in St. Petersburg, Florida. Before the report however, everyone should appreciate David Mendelblatt offering to have the St. Petersburg YC host the Worlds on...
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    Sunfish Worlds is now an open event

    The 72 boat max fleet size has been waived. I don't know the entry deadline, but the NOR is posted on If you want to go, you will need to arrange to charter a boat or bring your own. Chris