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    Fish for sale

    1971 fish. Good condition with several minor crack repairs on deck. Trailer completely overhauled by In Line Trailers, Hudson, Fl..and redesigned to fit the fish. Two sails. Dry foam thanks to Damp Rid. No leaks. Ready to sail. Package price $650. . Located west fla. coast about 40 miles north...
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    What year for this fish

    Old style dagger board and an open storage area in the front.I think it was only produced one year and 68 sticks in my mind but not sure...
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    Sir Paul

    Paul McCartney is doing a U.S. tour with some vacant days between performances. If one of his gigs is near you you might send him an invite in care of the place where he is booked and see if he has time to go sailing. He is a fish sailor..
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    Just an idea

    Has any one ever put together a places to sail and sleep when you come to .(Name Your State City..etc.).Having been in the kayak touring business I often heard people say words to the effect.."I'd like to paddle there but I don't know much about it.". I think this could translate...
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    Sail ties instead of rings

    I understand some racers are substituting parachute cord for the plastic shower rings that hold the sail to the boom and mast. I like the has pros and cons like every thing but would seem to result in a fuller sail. Question is how loose or tight should the cord rings be?...
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    South of the border; Nautos?

    Any one using Brazlian gear from Nautos. It's priced cheaper than other companies , Just installed one of their 57mm Rachet Blocks and it performed well in 10 knot + winds.. The distributor is based in Ft Lauderdale but has quite a few outlets.
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    How much should hang off the trailer?

    Just re-styled a jet ski trailer for my fish and looking for advice on placement in transit. I have used swimming pool noodles on the bunks to give it a softer ride and compensate for springs which were ment to carry a jet ski. I can place the boat on the bunks so that the cockpit and part of...
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    Hey. We in Florida may have hurricanes and a legislature voted the most corupt in the nation..but we can sail year round even though much of the water is polluted with human sewage and red tide.
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    raising rudder

    Is there an easy way to raise or lower the wooded style rudders from the cocpit while underway besides jumping overboard and doing it. ?
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    My 68 has no cleat on the mast to tie off the halyard...what's the best way to add one. How about a light weight one attached with stailness hose clamps.
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    Little Launcher Dolly

    These things date back at least to the early 70's//Anyone have experience with them and do you think they would fit a 68 fish.
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    Frozen bailer

    The 1968 sunfish I purchased has a coroded bailer that resists any effort to move it. I have tried soaking it for two nights with Blaster but that didn't help... . Any suggestions would be greatly appreceated
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    Inspection port installation

    Geting ready to install inspection ports next week. Mine have screw holes in them and I am wondering whether to screw them into the deck after bedding the plate...or just bed the thing to the deck. Boat is circa 1968. Plan to substitute bolts for screws and use largest washers it will take.
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    looking for sunfish trailer

    Need used sunfish trailer. Southwest Florida area...think Tampa area and a fifty mile perimeter. Distance limited by towing an unloaded lite trailer
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    inspection port

    Now that many have helped me realize what I need to do to fix a loose foam block and double check another pice I need to pick ur brains as to what size port inspection port I should install and is it best to install it on the deck or fore and aft in the cockpit. Defender Marine has a 6 inch...
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    loose block

    Just purchaed a 1981 fish in very good condition When I got it home after a trailer trip of 160 plus miles I heard what sounded like something loose in the hull. . There is no inspection port..and given the boats age I surmise that a block came loose during the trip even through the boat was...
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    Keel Repair

    Has anyone used KeelEasy on their sunfish. I have used it on sea kayaks with good success to cut down on hull abrasion . Weight of KE is lighter than a fiberglass strip would be. If you have used it what with did you apply. I am thinking of using it to to cut down on abrasion and cover a...