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    Delamination of fiberglass from foam core on deck of 1973 Laser

    I have read many Laser Forum articles on delamination. But I still do not have a sense of what might be the best resin or glue or other adhesive to inject between the fiberglass skin and the foam core. Suggestions?
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    Locations of inspection ports and mast step repair

    I may need to purchase a mast step kit but first I want to try to make repairs to my mast step without buying the kit. My first task is to cut at least one 5.5" inspection port. I want to make sure that the hole(s) I am about to cut will be either completely inside the area that the repair...
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    Sail number derived from hull number

    I just traded an inflatible boat and a 3.5 hp engine for an old Laser. I am trying to learn more about the boat and to get it ready to sail in the spring. There is no model number under the bow eye or anywhere on the bottom of the hull or in the cockpit. The only number is on the transom. The...