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    Top section leaking

    So we have finally established that the top section does in fact leak At least now I know why i can't right the boat from a capsize...... So how do we fix the leak in the top section?
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    Sabre dinghy (Australian class)

    Anyone here who has sailed a Sabre? They are an Australian class Just wondering if i could get a comparison with a Laser from people who have sailed both?? I hate the laser at the moment, but also don't want to buy another boat if i have just as many problems in it. Im not sure if ill have...
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    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    When sailing a laser radial in 15+ knots im really overpowered So i tried to depower the boat by cranking on the outhaul, Cunningham & vang But i still couldn't sheet block to block upwind, because as soon as i sheeted on the boat heeled so much i capsized. So i ended up with the main out...
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    Righting lines

    Has anyone rigged up some kind of righting line on a single hander? Im hoping for something i can put a loop in that i can use as a step to get up onto the centreboard, while i build my upper body strength But i also don't want it to be yet another rope to get tangled in while im sailing Im...
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    Getting back to sailing after a scare

    Ive sailed crewed dinghies for years but only sailed single handers twice. On my second ever sail in the laser i had a bit of a scare. Now im feeling quite apprehensive about sailing again in case it happens again. Any tips for getting over that? It was before the start, but the start boat...
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    New to Lasers (but not to sailing), looking for some tips & advice

    Recently bought a laser after sailing double-handed dinghies for many years Yesterday I sailed it for the second time. It was blowing about 15 knots consistently with gusts over & this had caused some waves to chop up. I had a radial rig on & I weigh about 68kgs. I was so overpowered. I was...
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    Starts (racing in dinghies/skiffs)

    Can someone please tell me how to start a race properly? Basically everyone I sail with and against started in the junior classes where they get coaching on that kind of thing so they are all really good at it. I never sailed the junior classes & have never had any coaching (our state yachting...
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    Launching & retrieving a skiff on a beach in shore break

    Does anyone have any tips as to how to launch & retrieve a skiff in beach break? I read the laser threads which were helpful, but I was hoping for some tips for a skiff. We have a long daggerboard (about 1.5 metres) and a drop down rudder blade. We cant really pull the board up too much without...