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    Fish for sale

    1971 fish. Good condition with several minor crack repairs on deck. Trailer completely overhauled by In Line Trailers, Hudson, Fl..and redesigned to fit the fish. Two sails. Dry foam thanks to Damp Rid. No leaks. Ready to sail. Package price $650. . Located west fla. coast about 40 miles north...
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    What year for this fish

    three stripes on the front and rear deck..all auto tape .
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    What year for this fish

    Boy did I screw that up. Storage in the rear and old style rudder not dagger board
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    What year for this fish

    Old style dagger board and an open storage area in the front.I think it was only produced one year and 68 sticks in my mind but not sure...
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    How Do I Find A Mystery Leak?

    Mast hole or dagger board slot are the two parts of a fish that get alot of stress when sailing. I just repared a leak in the mast port that I could not see. Take a strong flashlite and shine it into the hole. Pay close attention and look for any imperfections. . Now fill the hole with water and...
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    Sir Paul

    Paul McCartney is doing a U.S. tour with some vacant days between performances. If one of his gigs is near you you might send him an invite in care of the place where he is booked and see if he has time to go sailing. He is a fish sailor..
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    Vintage Hull Question

    Alan Thats my boats brother. Born in 71. He's been missing for years..probably went to Colgate.
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    I've Got A Great Product Recommendation

    very informative video...easy 4 steps
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    I'm going to name my boat 'Lucky'

    You will also see a long number with no letters before it. That number when typed into the DOT system will tell you the factory the tire was made in. It may comes as a surprise to some but despite the American brand name on a motor vehicle tire radial tires are no longer made in this country...
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    Sunfish dolly

    Salt water will do a job on any steel trailer no matter where it is made. That is why we see more and more trailers made out of aluminium and other materials.Modern hubs have eliminated the need for bearing buddies. For my fish I took a jet ski trailer and with about $100 worth of parts and...
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    Sunfish dolly

    My camper is built on a HF trailer and its been hauled at least 5,000 miles on all types of roads. Once a year I crawl under it and prime and paint a couple of surface rust spots and it is kept in my yard which is 1.3 miles from the Gulf Of Mexico. The only Con is that the red paint fades after...
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    Finished the woody!

    totaly awsome. an outstanding piece of workmanship
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    Just an idea

    I replied several weeks ago but must have hit the wrong button. I am familer with the Cape May area having done summer stock there in the 50's.Great place..Diamonds in the sand at the point and Mario Lanza serving pizza at his aunt and uncles place. Hope it hasn't turned into another Wildwood. A...
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    Just an idea

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    Just an idea

    sounds good
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    Just an idea

    Good idea but when I'm draging a fish I usualy use a tent.
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    Just an idea

    Will Will do..probably sometime in June..Yank my trap if you don't hear from me by then
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    Urgent! Need Quick Help with Training of Sailing of Marine Corps Diving Team

    Oddly enough sailboats were used in Viet Nam. Lt. Ray Salopeck..who later retired as a Rear Admiral was advisor to the Vietnamese Junk Fleet and used those vessels to successfully carry out coastal missions against the VC.
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    Just an idea

    Great report and I for one plan to sail it in 2017
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    Just an idea

    Is it a place others might be interested in? If so where. What are the good things.