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    I don't have a photo showing it "in action", but the vinyl gutter I'm using looks like the one in the upper right corner. (Both sides are symmetrical). In my case, I cut out a small section to clear a "short" halyard, but that may not always be necessary. I haven't seen this style in Home...
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    Re: Tiller Rash... I searched for "tiller rash", and here I am! (Good term ;) ) I've countered that problem by driving a brass wood screw into the top of the rudder—exactly where it contacts the tiller. The screw can be backed-out (by half-turns) to adjust for wear. Lately, I've thought...
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    Re: Mooring Cover Overnight, you could simply bail any rain that gets in. Select a bailer size that fits "more fully" in the storage area that will more readily accommodate the daggerboard inside the open end. Keeping in mind the damage that sunlight (and wind) can do to sails, I've...
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    How good is a minifish?

    FWIW, sailboats under 12-feet aren't required to register in New Hampshire, saving about $35 annually. I think of a Mini-Fish as especially good on small lakes.
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    Laser vs. Sunfish

    What he said. :p I've had a sailing canoe, a sailing kayak, a Laser, four different catamarans (three at the same time), and today, a Porpoise II and a Sunfish. I spend all my days in the Sunfish, 'cause I don't have to mess with leeboards or the Laser's mast and mainsail. ;)
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    Loving My Sunfish!

    I sail my Sunfish on a lake that is frequently a "flat calm", but go sailing anyway. There is nearly always some wind out there, and I use a cost-free device to aid me that sits right in front of me. It is a strand of "poly" pulled from a polyethylene tarp, and onto its end, I tie a large...
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    Bailer Balls

    As a barefoot sailor myself, I see a problem.
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    Bailer Balls

    My Sunfish arrived with a broken bailer, so I bought a new one—then decided against it—plugged the hole with a "near-flat" plastic gas-cap, silicone sealer and tape. (And carry a big stopper ;) ). 1) I read here that natural sponge is best—and it is. 2) Since I mostly sail "recumbent", I...
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    First picture is of me—sailing "recumbent". Second, is a photo of a friend finishing a Sunfish race—next to last. (I'm in second place). ;)
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    1) Among utility trailers, I'd select one with 12" wheels over 8" wheels. (I replaced the 12-inchers with 13" wheels, but the tougher replacement 13" tires are getting hard to find nowadays). 2) Tires like to be "worked", so an all-around-usage utility trailer might just give longer life to...
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    Best Family Boat?

    IMHO, 13 is right at the threshold where sailing could be entertaining: as the years go by, I'm seeing fewer kids out on the water—on anything! :( If they are already accustomed to today's electronics, you might get some competitive DVDs (sailing lessons, racing, America's Cup racing, and...
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    Seeking advice on securing daggerboard

    I often pull the board well-up when running "before the wind". ('wuz going to say "Wing-and-Wing" :o ). ...and put my foot against it to keep it up. Is that an unnecessary action? (Some stability IS lost). :(
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    how much is this worth

    If like new, just add up the value of the rudders, boards, sails, and masts, and see what you got the hull for! :D :cool: Is the hull Super-Sunfish sized? :confused: If you're interested in a re-sale, where in "Flordia" are you...ZIP-code wise?
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    could this be an early sunfish? pic.

    Some states, like New Hampshire, won't tax a sailboat under a certain length. At $22+ per year—and only a three-month season—I'd like to modify my boat that way. :cool:
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    home made mast tube

    Depending on what might be saturated with water inside the hull, it could take weeks before the moisture is gone. I'd leave it in an all-day sun location if possible. I'm now preferring the use of 206 (slow-set) hardener. Even in moderate temperatures, I've had 205 "go-off" (set up) and get...
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    home made mast tube

    I'd tear out the remainder of the existing mast tube to see if the foam is worth saving. (The tube's going anyway). Wouldn't this be a good opportunity to refurbish the foam? There's nothing wrong with using PVC—especially if the diameter is exactly right. You'd just have to bond it to its...
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    can these cracks be fixed?

    Stress cracks are a cosmetic issue: When fixed, they invariably show up somewhere else. :rolleyes: Whooops...Wayne has edited his prior remarks—with a fix! :eek: I'd still let it go. :p
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    Fixing foam block

    How about this alternative? My Sunfish has both forward blocks loose, and a 6" port, but I'm thinking of a mechanical repair, such as making a couple of springy fiberglass struts. They'd be designed to keep both blocks pushed outboard in support of the deck. (And maybe gradually move back in...
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    newbie-just found this woody. maybe 50ish

    The original splash guard will make hiking-out uncomfortable. :( Since it's a "one-off", I'd replace it with the splash guard of today's design and use a dark mahogany wood for contrast. If it's too much work to fill (and match) the holes left by the hardware, I'd leave that base in place and...
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    newbie-just found this woody. maybe 50ish

    It is in remarkably good condition and looks like a "northern" boat fer shure. I'd be tempted to varnish the deck (only) and perhaps paint a 1-inch border over the nail heads. (Or leave the copper showing: I think they'd look cool). :cool: