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  1. DanDepew

    I hate this thing.

    There's a great article about hiking benches here: Improper Course: Search results for hiking bench Upper-body strength is important but a bulky chest and arms are useless if your legs are shaking and you're exhausted after a minute of straight-legged hiking. Every inch of weight off the boat...
  2. DanDepew

    1996 Centennial Olympic Laser w/ Trailer

    Hello Laserers, I'm selling my favorite boat because I need to finish school. Priorities, I suppose. The 1996 olympic hull is still stiff and in good condition, albeit a few rail dings and small gelcoat scrapes. The boat comes with: A trailer Two fairly crisp full rig sails Clean spars...
  3. DanDepew

    Updated Wanted Laser Atlanta Area

    Jim, If you're still looking, I have a 96 Olympic boat and trailer at AYC for $2000.
  4. DanDepew

    Birmingham, Al area - looking for Laser or comparable sailboat

    Hi Gordon, I have a '96 Olympic Vanguard boat in Atlanta that I may be selling soon for $2000. 646-801-0495 is my number if you're interested.