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  1. Porpoise2

    "Cartopping" Idea for Pickup

    (Found on the Internet.) This wooden boat is about the same weight as a Sunfish. This might be a solution for those of us who have a pickup and a need to transport a Sunfish without the rigors of a trailer ride. Related wood boat discussions...
  2. Porpoise2

    Of Sails and Tell-Tales

    1) How can I tell if my two sails are "blown-out"? :confused: 2) I have the standard 40" (from the peak) tell-tale on one sail. The other sail arrived with just two tell-tales 14" in from the luff, and each about 30" from the peak and tack. The lower tell-tale "reads" a bit earlier than the...
  3. Porpoise2

    Wanted: Ugly Bow Handle

    Limited-income sailor needs functional bow handle for half-price of new—including shipping to Florida—soon!
  4. Porpoise2

    Daggerboard Ideas

    Over the years, my mahogany daggerboard has worn-away some of its trailing edge. I'm wondering what alternative materials can be used, as I'm no longer racing sail boats. Marine plywood? Oak? Aluminum? Cast iron would be too heavy. :p But while cast iron did occur to me sailing...
  5. Porpoise2

    Wonderful 100-mile Sunfish Cruise—NOT!

    More at:
  6. Porpoise2

    Mast Flotation

    Even though the water's still cold for sailing here, I prepared the boat for the first time this season and found I couldn't see any cork block on the bottom of the mast. Sure enough, the bottom cork had disintegrated and fallen deeply inside. So I went to Walmart's swim section and bought...
  7. Porpoise2

    Trolling-Motor-Powered Sunfish

    Last summer, I got stuck 8 miles from home when the wind died—REALLY died—fortunately, the weather held. I've since been storing a cheap, two-part, plastic paddle that fits inside the 6" ports I installed. But eight miles by paddle is still a hike. I have this working trolling motor that I've...
  8. Porpoise2

    Sunfish or Clonefish wanted

    Just for casual sailing, but a genuine Sunfish is good. Sail condition less important (I have a substitute sail). Cheapfish is better. :)
  9. Porpoise2

    Take 2 Sunfish—Make Catamaran?

    I'm leaving my fiddly catamaran for the simpler, funner, Sunfish—but there's this thing nagging at me. The very thought kinda defeats the purpose of a very simple hull and rig—and I've seen nothing on the Internet about it***. But the idea still intrigues me. Two stayless rigs. Hmmm. Hmmm...
  10. Porpoise2

    Clone Wanted: Porpoise-II

    It's slow, It's heavy, it's rare...but I want another Porpoise-II. :p I'll be driving my truck through NH, MA, CT, NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL in a month or so—so please keep an eye-out for a complete Porpoise...extremely reasonably priced. (As most are). Sail condition is not...
  11. Porpoise2

    Baggy sail question

    My used Sunfish sail always looks baggy. (The leech curves back towards the wind). I don't race but do sail to windward a lot, and don't seem to be "pointing" particularly well. Downwind is fine. Other than a proper replacement sail, is there a trimming hint or a permanent fix for this?
  12. Porpoise2

    Fill Spars with Foam?

    It wasn't easy righting my boat the other day, and I had to do it twice. (Grrr). I was a little more mellow the 2nd time, which allowed time for water to seep into the spars and made righting much tougher. (I got a Good Samaritan volunteer after a time, so with two of us, it did get righted...
  13. Porpoise2

    Halyard Block (and Boom) Question

    My boat arrived with the boom to port of the mast. The prevailing breeze being what it is, it would be easier to raise the halyard if I move the boom to starboard. Thoughts? What direction should the halyard block be facing?