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  1. Dickhogg

    Float Panel

    There has been a recent thread on this. Turtle Prevention
  2. Dickhogg

    Laser mast on a sunfish?

    Reviving this thread on the request of Norcalsail I realised I never reported back on my new mast. They came back into stock at LPUK so I bought a new one. As for what happened, I just think the mast failed because it was old and pitted. It was a windy day, I launched and within about 30...
  3. Dickhogg

    !st sail went great EXCEPT

    Cheers! There aren't many of us.
  4. Dickhogg

    !st sail went great EXCEPT

    You can see them in this photo from when my mast snapped. I mainly use them if cruising along in lighter winds when I want to have a drink or whatever.
  5. Dickhogg

    !st sail went great EXCEPT

    I'd echo what others are saying here. An integrated cleat/block is not a good idea. Even on boats where they make more sense (Like my old Taser) you have to be vigilant if you want to be able to react to gusts quickly enough. I think you will find that a ratchet block will make a big diference...
  6. Dickhogg

    main block and hiking straps?

    Good old RYA :^)
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    Unexpected Coronavirus Result

    I got out for a sail! The boathouse reopened on Saturday and I went down yesterday and had a lovely blast reaching up and down in a force 3-4. Nice big waves. Just the ticket. The sea is still bloody cold. Then I had to cycle home in my wet sailing gear because the changing rooms etc are still...
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    Turtle Prevention

    Bear in mind that if you turtle in shallow water there is the potential to bend/break a spar if it gets snagged on the bottom.
  9. Dickhogg

    Turtle Prevention

    Have never done it on a sunfish but at our club we sometimes tie old 4L plastic milk bottles to the tops of the masts of training boats (toppers). Does the trick.
  10. Dickhogg

    Unexpected Coronavirus Result

    There is no sailing here in the UK. Everything closed. I really miss it. Best wishes to all you other shore-bound sunfish sailors. Stay safe. We will be back on the water soon enough.
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    Would you sail your Sunfish (or small sailboat) in this lake?

    Looks great. I learnt to sail on a lake about a quarter the size of this one.
  12. Dickhogg

    Sunfish production has begun in the UK

    Two of these photos have UK plug sockets in the background :^)
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    Rudder on hold

    It depends on the wind direction though. If The wind gives you a reach in and out of this harbour there is no problem. Near me there is a sailing club who have to sail up a very narrow channel to get out to sea. They can do this because the prevailing SW wind means it is nearly always a reach...
  14. Dickhogg

    I have the bow handle replacement ever !! ;-)

    Genius. You could cover the whole deck with tolex too!
  15. Dickhogg

    Splitting the deck on a newer hull

    This thread is fascinating. One day I am going to crack my fish open and check out the jumbled mess inside. Dion. Nice car too! I love that mustard colour.
  16. Dickhogg

    45 Years in the family

    That trim is the stuff of my dreams.
  17. Dickhogg

    in irons

    In the uk we say 'Lee-oh" instead of "hard-a-lee". Weirdly, even after three years of sailing single-haded I stills say it every time I tack. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Dickhogg

    Rigging the Halyard

    This is great! Splendid work. Personally, I would never use a rolling hitch to tie the halliard to the upper spar. it's a great knot and I use it all the time but I wouldn't trust it for that job.
  19. Dickhogg

    2019 Sunfish Worlds

    LaLi. I never knew that. I stand corrected. it's nice to be able to admit when you are wrong ;^)