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    Laser near Michigan

    I am a high school sailor participating in MISSA. Lasers are sailed in regattas, but you have to own your own. I cannot afford a new boat. I am willing to fix it over the winter months in time for the spring season. I can't afford much over $1200
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    Is this Sunfish worth it?

    Thanks so much everybody. I had no idea it was a clone fish... I thought it looked funny, but i wasn't sure. i tried to find that logo online, but i couldn't find it. I'll try to offer him $300, and go from there. Again, thanks a bunch everyone. I don't know what I would've done once I bought it...
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    Is this Sunfish worth it?

    I found a sunfish on my local craigslist, and I decided to come here for a little help. He is asking $600, it comes with 2 sails, and has a mainsheet cleat. It looks like a pre 1972 because there is no storage at the back of the cockpit. It's my 1st boat purchase, and I'm not sure if it is a...