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  1. oldfish

    pvc pipe size

    What size PVC or plastic pipe do you folks use to store mast and spars over winter or traveling? And what do you do with gooseneck? remove it so a smaller pipe can be used? would like to know length and diameter of pipe. Thanks.
  2. oldfish

    trigger snap

    what do you folks prefer as a main sheet to traveler connection. trigger snap or something else?
  3. oldfish

    compass brand

    would like to know if any of you folks have installed a compass on your boat, what brand and where did you attach it? Thanks
  4. oldfish

    1981 sunfish brochure

    anyone have a specific 1981 sunfish brochure for sale? I have the multi boat one with learn to sail in 3 days brochure. Thanks
  5. oldfish

    bottom paint

    need to paint hull bottom. should I light sand it first to ensure paint grabs good? what brand of paint works best? Thanks.
  6. oldfish

    what color?

    does anybody know what color blue this is? trying to touch up splash guard. thanks.
  7. oldfish

    back support

    I'm just a light wind sailor and like to sit in cockpit indian style. anybody know of good seat with back support to use. I'm 68 yrs old and back is too. Will one of these kayak seats work?
  8. oldfish

    sunfish jewelry

    has anyone seen any sunfish logo jewelry for sale. lapel pin, ring, or patches? thanks.
  9. oldfish

    sheet size and length

    what have you found to be best sheet size, company and length of main and halyard. For fun, not racing. Thanks.
  10. oldfish

    mast hole depth

    whats the depth of the mast hole in hull?
  11. oldfish

    Mast and spars holder when trailering

    what methods or devices do you folks use to secure mast and spars when trailering your sunfish? thanks.
  12. oldfish

    mast length

    i have a sunfish mast in two sections totaling 14.5 feet. anybody heard of these? its a 1980 fish
  13. oldfish

    varnish remover

    got a nice sunfish but somebody got varnish stains on gelcoat while redoing the daggerboard and rudder. Anyone know how to safely remove them without damaging gelcoat? Thanks.
  14. oldfish

    sunfish trailer bunks

    can some of you folks tell me what the distance apart of bunks on a trailer should be from center of one bunk to the other? I am planning on some long distance towing and want to make sure the hull is comfortable. Thanks