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  1. bt224

    Baby Bob Mount

    Stole the idea from Scott, works great. Seems very sturdy.
  2. bt224

    First Sail

    Just a couple of quick impressions. They were right about the traveler, it needs to be tied off in the middle. It might have helped if I had remembered to put in the battens. Boat pretty tender, but not as much as I expected. Will still feel better when the baby bob is mounted. Knock downs...
  3. bt224

    Anyone sailing tomorrow?

    Going out early afternoon here in north Texas. Be fun to do some "racing".
  4. bt224

    Baby Bob

    Anyone know of a place to get one at a good price? Or a cheaper (working) alternative? Thanks in advance!
  5. bt224

    North Texas Fleet

    If anyone is interested in forming a north Texas fleet, shoot me a message. We may even be able to connect with a local sailing club and operate within their membership. First I have to see if anyone is interested.
  6. bt224

    Rigging Question

    I went out to set up the boat today to be sure 1. I knew how, and 2. Everything was actually there and in working order. Couple of questions.... 1. This has roller furling, however it also has a forestay. In every other boat I have seen, they have one or another. I asked the previous owner...
  7. bt224

    Woot, new boat!

    Just picked up a 1990 model. Looks almost brand new, sails feel new, all around looks great. I look forward to spending too much time on this forum.