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  1. bt224

    3 days of sailing!!!

    No Proctor?
  2. bt224

    Bottom Paint

    Maybe. If you're talking about leaving it in a slip for a few months, then yes. If you're talking about a week or two every so often, then no. Bottom paint is great, but can be a real PITA to keep maintained. It does come off (that's how it works) and needs to be reapplied every couple of years...
  3. bt224

    Capri 14.2 vs American Sail 14.6

    Sounds like a non factory mod. I would be leery, unless the trunk is heavily reinforced or there is a mechanism to prevent that thing from dropping from full retract to full extend. If it's heavy enough and can travel freely, the keel could potentially rip out the middle of the hull when...
  4. bt224

    Capri 14.2 vs American Sail 14.6

    There is a keel model. It's fixed and not a swing keel. Mostly purchased by rental and schools. Supposed to be extremely stable.
  5. bt224

    Capri 14.2 vs American Sail 14.6

    It's on the Black Sabbath mod 666.
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    Been on it in power boats plenty of times. My guess is you could sail near the dam, but it's shallow in areas. I think I would still go to Leon and sail by the dam there. Or go east and try Eagle Mountain. I think it's almost the same drive time from where you're at.
  7. bt224

    information for new 14.2 owner

    I rigged mine at the house, that way I could take my time. Glad I did, because there were a couple of missing pins, and the forestay was in worse shape than I thought.
  8. bt224

    One man rigging time

    About 20 mins. I have everything but the forestay attached. I let out a few feet of cable from the winch, walk the mast up, then clip it. Jump off the boat and attached the forestay to the bow.
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    Just bought #2055: A few newbie questions.

    For your teak I would strongly suggest Cetol. Works great and easy to reapply (without sanding) each year.
  10. bt224

    Replacing the Running Rigging

    Catalina sells them as cheap as anyone.
  11. bt224

    Bottom Paint

    Nope For just a few days, I wouldn't. Matter of fact, it will be faster if you don't paint it. Keep it clean and waxed for speed.
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    Just bought a 14.2

    No history, but stuff does wear out and need to be replaced. Chances are nothing will go wrong as long as you do not find anything in your inspections. The point made by the poster above, and a view a readily agree with, is that for a small investment (under $100), you know it won't be an issue.
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    Capri 14.2 garageability

    I would say as long as you're conservative, not much reason to worry. However, you could dump it if you don't mind the sheets. I found the boat more stable than I expected. Just start on light days and you can both work your way into it. It won't be as likely to flip, and you guys can work on...
  14. bt224

    Just bought a 14.2

    Run a soft cloth along the cable, it will snag if there are any breaks. Also inspect for corrosion. Check for tightness at the swagings. The issue is what you can't see, failures or corrosion inside the windings.
  15. bt224

    Capri 14.2 garageability

    First, it sounds like that's waaaay too much for the boat. I know there are regional variations, however I paid $1200 for my Mod 2, and it's almost perfect. As far as putting it in the garage, you may take a diagonal measurement in the space you would park it and see if you can get enough...
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    Just bought a 14.2

    Shrouds The shrouds are cheap from Catalina, cheaper if you have the tools and knowledge to DIY. I agree, replace them.
  17. bt224

    tongue weight question

    I think it's going to be pretty hard to get the tongue weight too high on this boat. As mentioned by others, the real danger is too light. However, unless you're pulling it with a SmartCar, I wouldn't worry too much.
  18. bt224

    Trailer tire pressure?

    Coincidentally, I brought mine all the way up this weekend. It was actually less bouncy and everything seemed to ride better and smoother. As they say, your mileage may vary.
  19. bt224

    Trailer tire pressure?

    You are correct that the higher PSi will make it rougher, however under inflation could lead to tire failure. I would keep them up above 50.
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    Baby Bob Mount

    You couldn't mount the windex, however you could put streamers on the shrouds.