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  1. Lasersailor166131

    FLORIDA Mk I full rig sail

    Full rig sail for sale Mk1 design- well used good for club racing though no sail numbers ready for you to put your ones on- $150 Email for photos
  2. Lasersailor166131

    FLORIDA Holt Vang for sale

    Holt Vang for sale – set up with all lines and in great shape- ready to race – $200 Email for pictures
  3. Lasersailor166131

    FLORIDA Laser top covers for sale

    SEA laser top cover in good shape no holes- $100 Kingston laser worlds 2015 top cover good shape- $150 Email for pictures
  4. Lasersailor166131

    FLORIDA Laser Analog compass for sale

    ComNav racing compass with bracket in great condition- $200 For pictures
  5. Lasersailor166131

    For Sale  FLORIDA Tons of Laser Stuff

    Laser rudder- in good condition foam core one rust mark bindings-$125 Aluminum tiller extension with foam grip- $40 Aluminum tiller extension with no universal- $30 Aluminum tiller black with clam cleat-$70 Aluminum tiller grey with clam cleat-$70 Seitech yellow hiking strap-$25 Win Design...
  6. Lasersailor166131

    GoPro Camera Mounts

    I know this has been discussed in the past but just wondering if anyone has come up with any new ideas. I have been working on this mount for a while.
  7. Lasersailor166131

    Updated  Laser Analog Compass

    ComNav 103r racing compass with bracket for laser. Just the compass part is $239 new and the bracket is about $40 dollars new. The compass is in great shape and has only been used a few times. Email me at laser166131 at for pictures.
  8. Lasersailor166131

    Tiller extension and Rudde Blade for Sale

    Rudder Blade for sale old style (foam)- has a dinge on the corner- $85 Acme Fatso Tiller 47 inches good condition-$100 Email me at laser166131 at for more info can ship them
  9. Lasersailor166131

    Laser Top Sections and other Spars For Sale

    End for Ended Aus Upper-$150 (3 of these) near new not bent brit top-$175 Used Brit top-$150 End for ended old top-$75 Old upper might break-$50 Boom with no fittings-$50 Used Radial Lower-$100 Can pick up any of the spars from me email me at laser166131 at I can send pictures if you...