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  1. Merrily

    Laser Stability

    I like it! "Angle of panic."
  2. Merrily

    Spray Pants Recommendations

    How about some salopettes?
  3. Merrily

    What to look for when purchasing an older laser?

    Actually, the buyer's guide link is broken, so I attached the file and it's at the bottom of the page now. Too tired to figure out how to make it a link right now.
  4. Merrily

    New and struggling with all the jargon

    Block to block refers to the aft boom block and top traveler block. Don't know how you get more than block to block with any blocks. Perhaps, as you suspect, it means to "super-vang." Sounds like a quick way to break a boom.
  5. Merrily

    Whitstable Art-on-Sea

  6. Merrily

    Small leak in hull

    Any of the fittings that has a screw could leak, including the deck fairleads, mainsheet block, centerboard brake, or the cockpit railings. Silicon is the answer.
  7. Merrily

    Another twist in the UK tale

    What rule change could they not make?
  8. Merrily

    Another twist in the UK tale

  9. Merrily

    Battery Discuss

    Arthur, these guys are kidding you. We are a Laser sailboat forum.
  10. Merrily

    Urgent Help needed...

    This is a Laser Sailboat forum. Not laser lights.
  11. Merrily

    Laser Purchase Imminent - Getting it Home

    Homebrewed roof rack looks brilliant. Is the beach in the picture origin or destination for your Laser? It's 11 degrees F this morning at my locale. :eek:
  12. Merrily

    New Member

    Welcome, Dale! Sounds idyllic.
  13. Merrily

    I am a new "newbie" looking for advice!

    Not cautious enough if you are sailing in 40 degree weather in a partial wet suit. IMHO.
  14. Merrily

    A mystery six digit number under bow eye

    That is very odd. I thought only the boats made in the first two years, early 70's, had the number under the bow eye. That would be four digits. Plus, your number sounds like a sail number. The rest of us have a HIN, hull identification number, that is coded.
  15. Merrily

    A mystery six digit number under bow eye

    If they are on the stern, they are imprinted in the gel coat. Also, look under the bow eye. There may be a number printed there.
  16. Merrily

    Grab rail plugs

    Sounds like you are using Marine Tex. I think that will be too thick to saturate the sponge with.
  17. Merrily

    Grab rail plugs

    Cut a piece of sponge bigger than the hole and deeper than the screw length, soak it in epoxy, and shove it part way in. After it cures you can grind it level with the cockpit side and drill it for the grab rail.
  18. Merrily

    Cold Weather gear for small, chilly female

    Neoprene sailing gloves work well, but only if they are wet.
  19. Merrily

    Cheap Sailing; oxymoron

    A radial lower section is more flexible than a standard section, and the radial sail won't trim properly with a cut down standard section.
  20. Merrily

    Quick Dagger Board Question