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  1. Merrily

    Anna Tunnicliffe in ESPN body issue

    Here's a preview of the naked athlete issue.
  2. Merrily

    Complaint of theft on Laser Forum

    Friendly Dragon has reported a problem with a member, Neon. Friendly Dragon sent money for a sail, and Neon has disappeared without sending the sail. I notice that Neon has a number of items for sale in the Laser and Sunfish forums and the ads sound similar, new discounted product. It's not out...
  3. Merrily

    New non-legal Laser class name

    I suggest the Phaser or Blaser, or if the value of the boat plummets, the Loser Class. Lu could call his the Looser. ;)
  4. Merrily

    This Sums It Up

    Courtesy of a friend:
  5. Merrily

    Twelve days of Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me -- An ILCA membership, for free! What did your true love give you on the first day of Christmas?
  6. Merrily

    Racing Etiquette

    I was sailing my Laser in my club's Sunday afternoon races and after the start of the first race, I managed to get a small lead on the sailor next to me. He tacked away, for a minute, then tacked back. When he got within a few boat lengths of me, I tacked to cover him. He expressed some outrage...
  7. Merrily

    accepting sympathy now

    i've ruined a couple of months of good sailing weather. i was taking a motorcycle safe rider course, and apparently did something unsafe. i have a broken collarbone. :( ow!!
  8. Merrily

    Happy Birthday, LooserLu!

    Ludwig, I'm not sure if your birthday is the ninth or tenth, but I hope you have a great day. :D Janet
  9. Merrily

    FAQ about Lasers--Please Read Before Posting

    This thread has a list of the best answers to your questions so far. Only the admins can post here, so please make your suggestions for the best threads by e-mail or in another thread. This FAQ will constantly evolve, and I'll fill it in in the week to come. The Basics See the Laser buyer's...
  10. Merrily

    Please suggest the best threads

    Forum member Marvin-Miller has suggested that we "pin" the best posts on various topics at the top for easy access. This is an excellent idea that will cut down on the FAQ's. I'd like suggestions for the best threads on mast step repair, hull fairing, trailering, etc. Please make thoughtful...
  11. Merrily

    Laserlips Inland Classic, Saturday Oct 3

    We are having a one-day regatta this year, followed by pizza and prizes. Come on out and have fun with us!
  12. Merrily

    Laser sailing in Salisbury Maryland

    I'm going to visit my brother there, and I'm wondering if there is any Laser sailing on the peninsula on the east side of the Chesapeake? I checked and found there are no fleets in the region.
  13. Merrily

    1978 LASER for sale

    The poster says that the price is reduced to $1150.
  14. Merrily

    Need transport for dolly from Annapolis to Ohio

    Is anyone traveling from Annapolis through Ohio in the next few weeks? I'm purchasing a used dolly and I'd like to save the seller from breaking it down to ship.
  15. Merrily

    Europe Dinghy for sale

    1999 Europe Dinghy single-handed boat carbon fiber mast for approx 165 pound person new top cover for mast down blades some new lines travel covers mast up covers dolly with new wheels carbon fiber tiller two sails sound boat, but a bit dinged I'm selling this boat because I have too many...
  16. Merrily

    How well do the Intensity covers hold up?

    I need some covers for our Learn to Sail Lasers and inexpensive would be good, but something that lasts only one year would not. For the people who have purchased Intensity covers, are they holding up?
  17. Merrily

    visit to Opti plant

    I traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee this week to pick up a couple of Oppis. No, that is not slang for Opti. These boats have plastic roto-molded hulls and hopefully, are durable as nails. We got a couple of them for our Learn to Sail program. See pictures from a tour of the factory here...
  18. Merrily

    Boat as parade float

    Here's the marketing strategy we used for our Learn To Sail program this year:
  19. Merrily

    Screws won't "bite" in grab rail installation

    We are sprucing up some old Lasers for our Learn To Sail program, and we took the grab rails off to paint. There were plastic inserts in the screw holes that we cut the heads off of and knocked out. Now when we try to install new plastic expansion inserts, they turn with the screws. They seemed...
  20. Merrily

    Review of WindMate 200 digital device

    What I look for in any new digital device is easy intuitive use. If I have to repeatedly refer to the instructions or get an 11-year-old to help me, I bypass the item in favor of old standbys. I got the WindMate 200, a digital wind indicator with a built-in compass, for the price of this review...