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  1. jonathan_twite

    Dumb Rules We Gotta Change

    <off-topic>Can I point out that letting the sail out past 90deg is not the same as sailing by the lee</off-topic>
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    Latest Design for the Torch?

    It might affect the handicap....
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    Line Maintenance = High Management?

    I tried tying the end to the toestrap, but ended up getting my foot between the strap and the sheet all the time... I just kick it forwards but not too hard. I never seem to have too much problem but I sail inland and so probably don't do as big sail adjustments as those in waves on the sea..
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    Keeping Water off Sunnies/Glasses

    How about these?
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    what's a fair price to ask....

    You also need a different upper mast section (shorter).
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    Single Handed Launching Help!!!!

    Long painter, at least the length of the boat. You can then wheel the boat into the water until you can push it off the back of the trolley while still holding the painter.
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    He probably just capsized while along-side (going opposite directions)
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    Help with Buying Laser 4000

    Having googled for some pictures, I am doubtful that there are - probably due to the fact that fully hiking from toe straps is probably about the same as trapezing with legs fully bent (i.e. squatted). I have not sailed a 4000, but when I had a Fireball, my crew "practised" by "trapezing" from...
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    Sombody's aiming a green laser inside my house

    No, but they bend less than the class legal red ones
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    New Radial cut Standard Sail in the works? New composite top mast?

    So what's so special about a radially cut sail? If I read the articles correctly, they imply that they have been aiming for identical sailing characteristics. Is it just for longevity? As for carbon masts - from what I have seen, they have a tendency to shatter when they hit the bottom (when...
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    Control line settings. And sailing by the lee. Help please. (Im new)

    Yep exactly. Letting the sail out rotates the sail to an angle more across the wind (equivalent to over-sheeting on a reach) but this means that there is less chance of the wind getting behind the sail which is more of a problem now as it will gybe. Heading up (tiller away from you) moves the...
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    Control line settings. And sailing by the lee. Help please. (Im new)

    Yes it is. The problem with dead running in any boat is that the wind will flick from flowing one way over a sail to the other (think how a flag flaps as the wind blows from behind it) and so causes stability problems (stayed masts have problems with the boom angle as well, but the principle...
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    Control line settings. And sailing by the lee. Help please. (Im new)

    This is a common misconception and is NOT correct. Doing this will result in more capsizes to windward - with the sail in front of the mast the airflow over the sail will pull the mast into the wind, getting you wet in puffs and strong wind. Having said that, having the boom past 90deg does...
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    Control line settings. And sailing by the lee. Help please. (Im new)

    Try this:
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    Noob Questions - Hiking Strap and Downwind

    How to sail by-the-lee: I find that it doesn't give a huge speed boost by I haven't death-rolled (capsized to windward) recently (though I haven't been in anything stronger than a high force 3) and whenever gusts hit, I seem...
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    downwind etiquette?

    So if the only way to overtake him down wind is to let him have your air, no wonder he usually wins ;). When I occasionally travel to other locations, I sail on the principle - "Don't Annoy the Locals". It's usually the best way, and easier to get a drink bought for you.
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    Laser Rules

    well, more of on the way back in... As the sail de-powers you have to sit up quick, but with you backside still over the edge there is too much weight out. The easiest way to get inside the boat quickly (I find) is to lean in, grab the mast and pull
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    Wondering if inspection port speakers would be possible? They would also act as extra buoyancy...
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    Laser Rules

    What about in an emergency? surely you are allowed to grab the mast (briefly) to prevent yourself falling in backwards and risking injury or should I be disqualified from most of my races this season (I sail on a river with trees - the wind gets blocked frequently usually when you are fully...
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    Riveted bung

    Thanks for the advice - the rivets have been removed and I am awaiting the resin to dry before re-drilling.