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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    I am sorry that boat was sold back in 2009. Roger
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    Mod 3 Hatch Cover Question

    Congratulations on your new boat and sorry to hear about your demasting. I had a model 2 and removed the cuddy tube to install a battery for my trolling motor. I did LOTS of looking for hatches to replace the tube but did not find anything that would be a good fit. The opening for the tube is...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    OK lets do the math. If the boat is sitting in shallow water with no sails up and the center board up the boat is VERY easy to pull over. If a shroud broke there would be little force on mast step. When you are sailing it is a much different story. Lets assume my wife and I are sailing on a...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Shnool: I agree 100% that the deck needs to support the weight of the mast and the sails. If there are cracks in the deck then the deck needs to be braced up to be able to support the weight. That can be done many ways. The part that I was talking about was then using 1/4" thru bolts with a...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Ed: If you do a search in this forum for mast step you will find some discussions about people who had problems with the mast step. That is the only place where I have read about the step. The step is not designed to support much load. Look at it, it is thin sheet metal held on by (4) #10 wood...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    From what I have read the mast step was designed by Catalina to have a "break away" feature. This way if one of the shrouds break and the mast falls it will pull the (4) #10 wood screws out of the deck and not trash the deck. I would not go crazy and put thru bolts and plates under the deck to...
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    Weather report cutoff - where at?

    One of my othrt hobbies is flying RC airplanes. A friend gave me this link to the forcasted wind speed and I find it pretty accurate. I hope it helps you. Roger L
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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    The boat has been sold. :) Roger
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    Brian: Yes the boat is still for sale. Below is a link to some additional photos of the boat...

    Brian: Yes the boat is still for sale. Below is a link to some additional photos of the boat. Give me a call if you would like to discuss the boat further. My phone number is 330-468-2523 Thanks Roger Lohrey
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    Buying used, is there a Title for Capri?

    It all depends on the state you live in. Ohio requires that you have a title. If your state does not require a title work up a bill of sale and have it notorized for your safety and records. Good luck with your new purchase. Have Fun Roger L
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    Topping Lift

    My boat has the topping lift and it works fine. Just a line with a clip at the end. Roger L
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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    I am using a Minkota Endura 30 trolling motor. The motor shaft is 31.5" long. That is measured from the top of the shaft to the center line of the motor. I think that the motor mount is a Catalina motor mount. It was on the boat when I bought it. The motor is large enough to move the boat at a...
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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    The battery is mounted in the front "cubby" right behind the wall as shown in the photo. I made a small wooden box that I secured to the boat then I secured the battery in the box. I cut a opening for a water tight hatch that I put in the tunnel. This way I can get access to the battery without...
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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    Bump This boat is still for sale.:) Thanks Roger L
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    I just had a thought. If there was a line tied to the top of the mast could you use that line to right a boat that was trutled? The biggest problem that a person has when the boat has turtled is pulling the mast and the sails up thru the water. Even if the center board is sticking thru the hull...
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    New Hatch on older model

    I have a model 2 with the tunnel under the front deck. The hatch opening is the same on the model 1 and the model 2 but because of the tunnel on the model 2 there is no hatch just a cloth bag in front of the opening to the tunnel. I wanted to remove the tunnel and get a water tight hatch to...
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    I would NOT fill the mast with foam for the following reasons. First, If you were able to get a perfect seal on both ends of the mast there is not enough volume of trapped inside the mast to make the mast float. If the mast can not float it will not help keep the boat from turteling. Second...
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    It's out of the weeds

    When you buy new shrouds you will get the new cable with the tang on the end. You will need to remove the old tang from the mast and install the new one. If you are going to put the boat away for the winter I would suggest you take the mast off the boat and store it in your garage. Replace the...
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    For Sale: 1992 Model 2 Cleveland, Ohio

    An E-Mail was sent this morning. Yes, the boat is still for sale. Roger
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    Question about towing

    I have towed my 14.2 with a Chevrolet Cavalier and a Pontiac Vibe and had no problems with either. Had it on the freeway with both cars and both of them towed the 14.2 just fine. Roger