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    Mainsheet knot

    here is a picture of the Knot that my son uses on his boat. I use a figure 8 as I have for the past 30 years. He uses this knot that I think is what you are talking about he named it the Emo knot....this is his name for it, not the correct one for sure!!
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    Light air sailing

    If you leave the tack at the same speed as you entered you don't pick up 2 boat lengths on the guy who did not tack. I can play the roll tack for no reason game and have after a couple of ignored infractions by others...and its not that long standing a tradition less than 10 years ago it was...
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    Light air sailing

    If you are gaining 1 to 2 boat lengths on every tack you should retire from the race or do your 720 cause you just broke rule 42 for sure. Sadly after retuning from racing in other classes I find that the Laser fleet pays little if any attention to rule 42
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    Boat missing ID number

    If your boat is made in and around 1973 or 74 check under the fairlead at the bow of the boat. Mine is #1488 and it is scratched on the deck under this fitting.
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    year of laser

    #13 Laser76489 Edit Registered User Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: Far Far Away Posts: 208...
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    How does one jion the ILCA? (North America)

    Thanks 49208 both ideas are what I was looking for. Thanks again
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    How does one jion the ILCA? (North America)

    I have now been to the ILCA website and requested information on joining not once but twice over the last few weeks. I have not had any reply from them at all. My son is not a member of a yacht club but wants to race locally. The racing rules state that he must be a member of the ILCA or a...
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    Re rig a laser so that....

    So I find myself in the position of owning 3 old lasers, 2 of them have mast step kits and no upgrades. So I began to think (no good ever comes of this). Using the existing rudder tiller spars and sail. How could I rig the boat to be a better sailing boat? What would you do??? (#76489 has...
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    looked at a laser today, little help please

    If its a teal coloured boat and there is no markings on the stern then take the fairlead off of the bow (where the painter attaches). You should see a 4 digit number etched into the gelcoat with an engraving tool. This is your hull #. Mine is 1488 also teal coloured
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    Any non-smokers smoke ?

    If the wind is light enough that you need to consider lighting a smoke to tell where the wind is coming from then my choice would be to sit under the shade of a big tree and have a wobbly pop or 2 and talk to good friends about the heavy wind regatta last week...year...decade...(you get it)...
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    Intensity Sails

    I kinda like the idea that the old stuff is faster cause I have #1488 and the original sail with a red crown on it. But sadly its very slow compared even to my 25 year old boat.
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    First sail

    Very old sail from 1982 or 83 92716 is the sail #
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    First sail

    The picture from the windward side show a huge smile...very happy to be there.
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    First sail

    Here is picture of my son taking his 8 year old niece out for her first sail. She wants to go to Jr.sailing when she is old enough now. I suppose its nothing special but I am very pleased.
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    Mast needed for 80's sunfish

    The boat was given to my non sailing friend by his equally non sailing brother when the his house was sold. The son for my friend wants to sail the boat. Unfortunately for him I have only seen a sunfish once and never up close. If this was a Laser or 505 I could be of a lot more help
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    10 year collection of Sunfish Parts for sale NH

    Hi Ryan I am interested in getting a mast for a sunfish...I have all the other bits & pieces...Just need a mast...PM me if if you have any that could be purchased. Thanks in advance.
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    Mast needed for 80's sunfish

    Hi all I would like to start by thanking you guys & girls for some help you gave me last Aug. when I asked as to a safe way to get a friends sunfish from New York to Quebec Canada on his Volvo. The boat is here! This boat is a early 80s AMF alcott sunfish that is in perfect shape (gel...
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    Car Keys

    I have a bucket that fits the inspection port that is beside the cb housing. I put the keys and wallet in there. I have been doing this for several years with no wet wallet yet. As for the electronic key...I'm not that rich used cars that cost under 1k don't have um.:)
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    Intensity sail observations?

    got it...all will be glad to know that I am finished with this to....
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    Intensity sail observations?

    You make some very good points. I would like to point out that if clubs use them because of price (good reason if you have to buy 10-20 sails) then don't allow them in races that you now don't allow your JR. club boats to be raced with the rest of the fleet in my area this would cut the fleet...