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    Where can I find regattas ?

    Where can I find regattas or other Sunfish sailors in northwest Indiana ?
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    Where to buy

    Ok I have the boats what would be the best parts kits to buy to get them going. It looks like I will need at least one sail and all the rigging for one boat. I have seen some options on line but would love to hear from the pros. As to how to get the most bang for the buck when buying parts.
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    How will the sunfish handle on Lake Michigan?

    I live close to Lake Michigan. I'm just wondering how the boat will handle on a big lake.
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    I have a sunfish now what

    I bought 2 boats and there are some differences one boat has some cleats on the deck and splash guard. Also it came with an extra mast that I think may be an upgrade. I would welcome any advice on what I need to get the boats in the water. I also would like suggestions on guides or books that...