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    How's this for a DIY wind indicator?

    Five minutes of work. I used a zinc wire, brass tubing, two model airplane wheel bushings, a piece of plastic 4.5" in length and cut from a greenhouse garden pot, and some tape. I'm hoping it'll work. The intention is to mount it with velcro and a PVC fitting cut in half lengthwise - might put...
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    Making new daggerboard from scratch?

    What would be the feasibility of making a new daggerboard from scratch? I have a little experience making wooden airplane propellors and as such am very familiar with the concept of forming an airfoil. I want to do this to revive my current daggerboard, put a hole in it for the bungee, coat it...
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    Need some help deciding what / how to repair (deck separation, spider cracks, overweight, gelcoat..)

    I posted this in the Yahoo group as well, but I might as well give it a go here since nobody seems to be helping over there... So after spending two hours sailing the first week and another twelve the second (last week), it is time to rid my boat of its leaks and over-poundage. At 155+ lbs, the...
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    What on earth is the "OEM hook, a bullseye with a cam cleat, a ratchet block"?

    Hey all, I'm about to pay for my $250 Sunfish w/ new style rudder, daggerboard and nearly everything in fantastic condition, but I need to know one thing. The guide on purchasing used Sunfishes (should we call them Sunfii?) states the following: "Look at the bridle. (Wire or rope attached to 2...
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    58" roof rack crossbars wide enough to cartop Sunfish and get everything tied down?

    I'm in the process of finishing up my Yakima roof rack and acquiring a used Sunfish. What I'm wondering is whether or not the default 58" crossbars, which I have not purchased yet, are wide enough to mount and tie down the hull AND all the rigging (poles, sail, mast, etc.). A transom width...
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    New to sailing - Sunfish as first boat to learn on? (and other questions...)

    Very long story short, last summer I had the opportunity to get out on a 32' Italian designed sailboat on Lake MI. I was hooked. But because I'm a college student I cannot afford a small boat AND a slip, so I started looking into the small trailerable sailboats like the Sunfish, Flying Scot...
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    Looking for Sunfish in southwest Michigan

    Just thought I'd post a quick ad and see if there is perchance anyone in southwest Michigan getting rid of a Sunfish. Thanks!