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    Laser Sail

    North full rig racing sail. Bought new and only used for 2 days. $450 U.S obo. Email slo-poke27(at)
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    Laser full rig racing sail

    Virtually new racing sail, used in 1 light air regatta (5 races). Asking $470 U.S, $550 Cdn Slo-poke27(at)
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    sail numbers

    I was at a regatta and noticed that alot of people had drawn in their sail numbers with some kind of marker rather than buying numbers. Anyone know what kind of marker is used for this? Thanks.
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    1986 Laser

    1986 Canadian built laser forsale. Full rig, comes with 2 sails, spectra rigging, new blocks and a trailor. Located Windsor Ont. Asking $2700 (CDN) Approx $1850 (U.S). email: