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  1. fishingmickey

    Gulf Coast Championship & US Nationals, Who's going

    Howdy Fellow Laserites, Anyone else headed for the Texas Gulf coast the 2nd week of June? Love to meet some of the other posters to the Laser Forum there. I'm looking forward to big breeze and choppy seas (it'll probably eat my lunch)! Fishingmickey 150087/181157
  2. fishingmickey

    Any news on the proposed ICLA rule changes

    Hello Tracy or fellow Laserites, Has there been any news as to the proposed rules changes that were voted on back in April. I'm particularly interested in the replacement of foam floatation with Cubi-tainers. Thanks, Fishingmickey 150087/181157
  3. fishingmickey

    Re: proposed rules changes

    Hello Tracy or anyone out there in the know, I know that the voting on the proposed new rule changes ended April 30th. Does anyone know if the proposed amendments were approved or not, or which ones were approved is any. I am interested in particular about being able to replace foam...
  4. fishingmickey

    2004 Easter Laser regatta

    Grinding it out on Easter Sunday! And the Night before Easter. Hope y'all enjoy, Fishingmickey 150087/181157
  5. fishingmickey

    2004 North American Masters

    Re: Laser Photos Archive (Lots of old Laser Pictures) Hello Laserites, This is myself, racing in the 2004 North American Masters. Boat: 1993 Worlds, PSC? (New Zealand built) 150087 Location: Houston Yatch Club Water body: Galveston bay Date: April 2004
  6. fishingmickey


    I'm brand spanking new to the Laser Forum. I just recently purchased a new sail for my "new" 93 Laser and I was looking for some good solid advice about how to attach telltales to my sail. I've seen the diagrams posted on Dr. Laser's web site so location isn't the issue here. I was wondering...