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  1. beldar boathead

    Cutting a Sunfish Sail to fit a Mini Fish II

    A Minifish II sail is a cat rig and a Sunfish is lateen, so I don’t thing you can make a very good Minifish II sail starting out with a sunfish sail. You might want to try finding an old Laser sail to use as a starting point. It already has the requisite mast sleeve. Minifish II look cool...
  2. beldar boathead

    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    That’s a very interesting idea! As long as they are not enforcing class rules you’re good to go. I think you could successfully hoist the sail on the starboard side without changing the eye though, and there is no class rule saying which side of the mast the sail needs to go on.
  3. beldar boathead

    New Laser Class

    There is no way LP and TLC will let ILCAs sail with LP Lasers. Their whole idea is to be the monopoly mfr of TLC Lasers. They said they will consider licensing other builders, but ILCA mfrs are not going to want to support TLC, and visa versa. As an American Laser sailor I am thrilled that...
  4. beldar boathead

    I want to build an ultra light Sunfish. I have owned one in the past and will attest that at the current hull weight of 110 pounds they are strong

    I doubt anyone has done this. I doubt you will get exhilarating speed unless you change the rig. Your best use of time would probably be to buy an existing Laser and make foils. You can buy Laser foils but they are pricey.
  5. beldar boathead

    Fool Wants to Fix a 1966 Sunfish - Advice?

    That sail is flat, flat, flat!
  6. beldar boathead

    Fool Wants to Fix a 1966 Sunfish - Advice?

    I dont think that boat looks that bad. The fixes, as said, aren’t that hard and you’ll have fun doing them and get a good result and learn some stuff along the way. Enjoy!!
  7. beldar boathead

    Spars and Race Rudder needed

    I have not heard that the fiberglass rudder blade is any better/faster than wood.
  8. beldar boathead

    Inspection port aft deck pre 1971 Sunfish

    The port itself provides rigidity. It’s also a good idea to install a long vertical wood backer to span from deck level to below the cockpit tub for more rigidity. That way the cockpit isn’t taking as much load as if you just put a small backer in place.
  9. beldar boathead

    Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission registration issues

    Good eye L&VW!!!!! I will bet my cone you are correct. I assumed after the "no cubby" comment those stripes were painted on, but I am now sure you are correct - that is a late 1971 with the appropriate gelcoat stripes for that year.
  10. beldar boathead

    Inspection port aft deck pre 1971 Sunfish

    There is foam there. Why not put an inspection port in the wall of the cockpit? I’ve seen that successfully done a number of times.
  11. beldar boathead

    Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission registration issues

    Breeze Bender, AMF used to suggest splitting the hull / deck seam at the stern to upgrade to the new style rudder. BTW there must be a way to register an old boat without a note from the mfr. Many, many mfrs have gone out of business over the years and those boats would be unusable in PA.
  12. beldar boathead

    Fast Bottoms??

    Do you mean riblets? Fine if you don’t want to race. And probably expensive for marginal if any improvement. Return of the Riblets >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
  13. beldar boathead

    Fast Bottoms??

    Does water bead up on Rain X? If so I’m not sure that is fast. But I’d like to see the boat pop out of the water!
  14. beldar boathead

    Fast Bottoms??

    Polishing compound and wax are two different things. Did the Lightning get polished with compound or waxed? My vote would be to sand to 2000 grit (or possible only 1000) and then coat with Hullcoat from McLube. That stuff is slippery!
  15. beldar boathead

    New Laser Class

    It doesn’t say this is run by LP, but it looks like what they tried to do with Sunfish. And the only approved builder is LP.
  16. beldar boathead

    New builders

    All that LP stuff is gobbledegook to try to distract people from the facts. Just to pull 2 random points out their response - the first one below about generic names is really none of LP's business and unlikely to impact one design principles. The second one says licenses would be needed - I...
  17. beldar boathead

    My "new" Sunfish

    That’s a 1971. BTW there is no clear coat unless someone clear coated it.
  18. beldar boathead

    Phantom/Pointer 14

    And they are taking offers!
  19. beldar boathead

    Late '60's Sunfish, NIB Sail, Savannah, GA 31405

    Nice boat. But it is newer than you think. Pretty sure it’s a 1973 or newer. Should be a molded in hull ID on the stern that will tell.
  20. beldar boathead

    Questions about the Amflite

    I see what Chris means. But it looks like there was a strap that is torn in the back and missing altogether in the front. Dangerous to go sailing that way. Looks like there is a bailer in the "usual spot."