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    Boom needed

    That would be great. Thanks!
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    Boom needed

    Well that's in my price range. I'm sure I know someone who is going to be in St Pete. I'm looking at one here so let me get back to you soon. Can you share any details, pics?
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    Boom needed

    Where is it located? How much?
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    Boom needed

    Looking for replacement boom with outhaul rigging
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    Looking for Club racing sails.

    Ron, I picked up a set from a racer down at the Worlds last week. I think I'm good for now. Thank you for contacting me.
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    Looking for Club racing sails.

    Looking for a main and genoa for club racing. I don't want NEW sails and I don't want to pay for new sails. Let me know what you have, I'm ready to get the newly restored USA 564 on the course!
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    Slightly Used Sails for sale, Top 5 finish at worlds and a practice set Quantum sails

    Looking for a new (used) set of sails for club racing. Details on Genoa and main? Price, material, cut? Can they be shipped to Georgia?
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    Parting out my J/24

    I'm a month into a redo. Need a spin pole. Any sheets? Halyards?
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    1996 Centennial Olympic Laser w/ Trailer

    I would like to take a look this week. I'm in Atlanta and work in Smyrna. I'm also in the Lake Lanier area very often. Please let me know when you are available so I can see the boat. Thanks!