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    How does one jion the ILCA? (North America)

    I have now been to the ILCA website and requested information on joining not once but twice over the last few weeks. I have not had any reply from them at all. My son is not a member of a yacht club but wants to race locally. The racing rules state that he must be a member of the ILCA or a...
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    Re rig a laser so that....

    So I find myself in the position of owning 3 old lasers, 2 of them have mast step kits and no upgrades. So I began to think (no good ever comes of this). Using the existing rudder tiller spars and sail. How could I rig the boat to be a better sailing boat? What would you do??? (#76489 has...
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    First sail

    Here is picture of my son taking his 8 year old niece out for her first sail. She wants to go to Jr.sailing when she is old enough now. I suppose its nothing special but I am very pleased.
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    Mast needed for 80's sunfish

    Hi all I would like to start by thanking you guys & girls for some help you gave me last Aug. when I asked as to a safe way to get a friends sunfish from New York to Quebec Canada on his Volvo. The boat is here! This boat is a early 80s AMF alcott sunfish that is in perfect shape (gel...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to take this oportunity to wish all of my niighbours to the south a happy thanksgiving and hope that you all enjoy this special time of year. For me our thanksgiving (in Canada) is in the first week of October and signals the end of the sailing season and beginning of ski prep time...
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    Cartopping a Sunfish

    Hi all New to the sunfish here. Was wondering if anyone has experiance cartopping sunfish on a Volvo XC 70 crosscountry? The boat is made in around 1975 to 1980 and I assume is very heavy. How much would an older boat weigh anyway?? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Stainless steel disk for mast tube??

    So I know that I need one of the disks on the base of the mast in my Laser. Here is the difficulty. The local Laser dealer appears to not know what I am talking about. He also appears to not be interested in helping. Is it legal to get a plate of SS and make my own? Or is it like all the...
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    Mast Step on 1980 Laser??

    Good Morning all I have a 1980 Laser with very little sailing time on it that I aquired last summer. The boat until now has had no inspection ports installed. I fear that even though the boat is and appears to always have been dry that the bottom of the mast step will give way. I have two...
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    Practice sails

    I have an old Laser # 1488 still with the original Elvstrom sail. As you can guess the boat is no longer raced and the sail is in very bad shape. I am looking for a cheap but new or almost new sail. Has anyone tried these sails There is a bit...
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    Anyone tried this boat??

    Was looking around and found this link I was wondering if anyone has seen or tried this...looks fun but perhaps too good to be true.
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    Laser Coach CD 2000?

    I recently borrowed a CD called Lasercoach 2000 from a friend and am very interested in getting my own. Is there a newer version of this CD available or is 2000 the latest? Secondly has anyone else used this and found it good. I feel the information is good but the movies are what makes it...
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    Virtual Skipper 4 now released

    We had a thread a while back about what simulator was the best and several thought that virtual skipper 3 was very good. I just looked at Virtual skipper 4 and if the trailer is any indication it will be even better. Here is the link:
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    Trailer converted to fit a Laser??

    Good Day I am asking for your help. I have attached some pics of a trailer that I have just finished converting to a Laser trailer. It use to have rollers and bunks, it was used for an Albacore. It has not been on the road since 1973. I looked at pics of Kitty hawks and Trailex trailers and...
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    Is change good for the Laser class??

    How much change is good for the Laser class?? Before the upgrades of 2001 (and now possibly carbon top sections as well) all lasers had approx. the same speed. One of the things that attacted people to the class was the idea that every boat was more or less equal. I have sailed in other...
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    Bad Vibrations (from my rudder)

    Hi All I have recently aquired a 25 year old but very lightly used Laser # 92716. I have had it out a few times in 10-15 Knot wind and have noticed that I get very loud hum and vibration from the rudder. I am woundering if there is anything that I can do to stop this. I have 2 other lasers...
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    Carbon tiller & Extension Whats the big deal?

    OK I'll admit i'm an old guy.:D I have sailed my laser a lot in the last 20 years but not raced, this has changed and I am now racing lasers again (full circle). I have a "aluminium tiller and tiller extension 40 inches with a golf club style grip that I bought in and around 1982. (state of...
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    Home Made Laser Dolly

    Hi I am looking for plans for a home made laser dolly. I recognize that there are several great commercially available designs out there but with now 4 boats being sailed from my property its getting hard to move them around with the 1 poor old dolly that I have. Since the cost will be...