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  1. drm901

    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    I read the same thing, after I did it. You know how it is; it won't hurt and it may help. If it just gave you another 5 seconds, that would be a 33% improvement!
  2. drm901

    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    While it seemed a long time, I agree it probably turtled in under 15 seconds. I had some time to react, but was too surprised by the unexpected wind gust to react. Just coming out of the marina with nice winds, looking to head out into the lake, and surprise, surprise. Power boater helped me...
  3. drm901

    taking on water below deck -- how much is normal?

    I would contact the Tech Support group at West Systems. I've done a lot of fiberglass work over the years, but their job is to "play" with epoxy all the time. They will help you, step by step. From what it looks like, you will need to grind down the hull a little (or at least sand it to rough...
  4. drm901

    Recommendation for new jib

    Price? I know I could call them directly, but could you share what a complete set of sails cost you? My sails (original from 1990 or so, I think) are pretty stretched out and I'm wondering if it would be cost effective to have then recut rather than just buy new. Has anyone had success...
  5. drm901

    Need mast

    is there a story here ?? I have to ask . . . how did you lose the mast?? Not something you misplace, normally.
  6. drm901

    where do you keep your boat?

    maybe a variation of a beach trailer? a beach trailer has one nylon (?) sling and one roller near the bow. Basically it is a U (with the sling between), then a center "backbone" that supports the bow roller and the handle you use to pull the trailer.
  7. drm901

    Question about a boat I just picked up

    do you know what year? It sounds like my boat (1987 mod 1). I suspect it is a structural rib. Doesn't seem to provide any other purpose.
  8. drm901

    Rotten Wood

    pieces will work I haven't had to do this type of work on my Capri, but I have seen similar repairs on my other boat, a 1966 Pearson Ariel. Using pieces of plywood and glassing them in will work fine. You might contact West Systems. Their technicians will help you design a solution that will...
  9. drm901

    how to fill the mast with foam

    mast buoyancy testing - any takers? Just a suggestion, but I think some of this issue could be solved with a simple experiment. 1. take a mast that hasn't had the foam added inside and throw it in the lake. Does it float? (according to my 1988 mod 1 manual the mast had a foam plug...
  10. drm901

    how to fill the mast with foam

    So, does the foam in the mast significantly delay a turtle or not? I have sailed for about 20 years now, but just had my first turtle. Started sailing on Dolphin Sr., went to a Venture 21, then Pearson Ariel 26, and now a Capri 14.2 (Mod 1). Last weekend I took out the Capri for the first...
  11. drm901

    Sailing Stories

    Remote sailing on the Great Lakes The Irrational Exuberance of Owning a Sailboat Remotely Dale Hello. My name is Dale and I live in Texas (near Dallas) but own a 1966 Pearson Ariel located in Michigan. I’m not rich, and I’m not nuts (I think). This is my story. Back in 1994 my...