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    When did boom stiffeners become "factory" installed?

    The sleeves have been installed in booms from the factory for at least 20 years, I'd guess closer to 25. You can't tell by looking for extra rivets as it's held in place by the same rivets that attach the vang fitting. You need to get a long, straight piece of wire, about 1300mm is about right...
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    Full Rig Option for Great Grand Masters in Oman

    I was the same, couldn't wait to be old enough to sail masters events - now an Apprentice and loving it. I can't see how making masters sailing more exclusive by raising the minimum age would be a good move for the class, if anything we should be looking to allow the 30-35 year olds to join in...
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    Any new news?

    Most likely they were trying to push through the new standard sail and top section. Membership consultation and voting isn't required to change the Construction Manual. ISAF evidently thought that some formal consultation would still be a good idea, even if the rules don't require it.
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    ILCA bought some boats to use as charters for the 4.7 Worlds in Argentina a few months ago and are now selling them off. The ad on their website quotes £4500 - is that cheap for a boat in the UK?
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    Laser Performance United

    Not sure about NA but the ILCA newsletters are available here.
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    Laser Performance United

    According to the June LaserWorld newsletter, There was a Global Sailing rep at the recent ILCA World Council meeting in Boltenhagen, but no LP rep. Read into that what you will. In Tracy's report in the same newsletter, he says he is 'quite optimistic' that we wil soon see progress in...
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    Can You Identify This Hull And Maybe Its Owner?

    The hull/sail number for that S/N is 137062. I just googled that sail number and found an old Laser Forum post listing the boat as stolen. Original owner posts here sometimes as 'Beaker', from Rhode Island.I've sent him a PM, but hopefully someone knows how to contact him directly?
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    Toe Strap

    Yes, two loops are illegal, but I don't think the latest Zhik straps have the second loop. Not a big deal anyway, you can just cut the second loop so it's unusable - the measurers are happy then.
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    In case anyone has missed this through other channels, applications are now open for the 2012 Masters Worlds at If you want a warm up on the Worlds course before the big event, come early and race in the Australian Masters...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    20 knots plus is quite possible. Typically in March high pressure systems move across the bottom of Australia pushing a ridge up the Queensland coast with south easterly breezes the result, fading into lighter easterlies as the high moves into the Tasman Sea. The south easterlies vary in...
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    New Radial cut Standard Sail in the works? New composite top mast?

    I don't know Alan, I've bent and/or broken plenty of Australian top sections in my time. Any section I've ever had has developed a bend the first time I've put on a solid amount of vang. Not a huge bend, but enough to be visible. This is a pretty common story around these parts. Using a top...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    Hi Oztayls, the dates on the Laser Downunder site for the Aus Masters Nationals are out of date - May was the old plan before the Worlds moved to Brisbane. The Nationals are definitely on at RQ in early March. Not sure if the 5th to the 8th is the final decision, but it should be close to that...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    Some starter info about the 2012 Masters Worlds on facebook at
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    Right-of-way involving several boats and the shore

    Boat B has to give you room to avoid the obstruction (ie Boat X). Even if Boat X wasn't there you have windward/leeward rights over Boat B. So you should head up, giving Boat B time to keep clear, and both pass to windward of Boat X. This will also give you a better chance of breaking B's...
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    Traveller always tight?

    Having the boom on the centreline works for two sail boats, but not for cat rigged boats like the Laser. You need the boom to be at the transom corner to get the sail driving in the right direction, hence the tight traveller.
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    beating two-blocked. then roll tack.

    In five knots I would normally have about eight inches between the blocks. I'm quite heavy though, lighter sailors might be getting close to block to block by then. It would be different if you're talking Radials.
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    beating two-blocked. then roll tack.

    Stay block to block until you pass head to wind, then ease some sheet as the boat heads towards its new close hauled course. I normally ease it just as I start to cross the boat. Then trim it back in as you flatten the boat. In medium winds (10-15 knots) I wouldn't ease much sheet at all...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    You're a cynic Sean! You're probably right though. For the 2004 Radial Worlds I think most of the officials were billeted around the neighbourhood but that was before the motel was built. Camping is definitely the way to go if you have the gear. It'd be great if you came up for SPLM next week...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    I was really looking forward to Perth as well, sailing in the big breeze at Fremantle would have been an experience. But yes, Brisbane is a great city and Queensland has plenty of spectacular places to visit. The sailing club itself has probably the best facilities of any in Australia, if...
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    I don't know all the details, but I believe the change away from Perth had something to do with the expense of moving enough charter boats across the continent. There will be some there for the ISAF Worlds in December, but not enough.