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    Repairing/Reinforcing "Blind" Holes in Fiberglass

    The link below is to the write up of a method I’ve used over the years to get reinforcement behind small holes or punctures in composite laminates. This method is much neater than just adding reinforcement to the top of the laminate, which • mars the surface finish • usually results in much...
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    Craigslist Super Sunfish in Central New York

    Super Sunfish Sailboat
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    Rebuilding/building Sunfish plastic bailers

    It's still the hard water season for me. Summer will come, but in the meantime I've been thinking about repairing/building Sunfish plastic bailers (& bailers in general). You can read about it in a PDF at:
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    Start your own boat company

    Only $10k and a dream: Phantom / Pointer 14 Sailboat Molds for Fiberglass production