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  1. Kate_onboard

    Caribbean islands in March: please give advice on the route!

    Hi everybody, I'd love to go sailing round Caribbean islands with a group of friends in March. Will appreciate any recommendations on the route! I've got some experience, but not plenty, and would love to practice in a beautiful place like that. Is that a good idea?
  2. Kate_onboard

    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    What do you use for weather forecasting?
  3. Kate_onboard

    Where to sail in SoCal?

    Thank you so much! Checked the website, looks really informative. Would be cool if they also had an app for mobile: so much more convenient to use it! As far as I've understood, tides and currents are the most important things to know before I go. Is there anything else to check?
  4. Kate_onboard

    Where to sail in SoCal?

    Hi everybody, How do you guys make forecasts for your journey and how far ahead do you plan? Will be grateful for any recommendations