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    Brass Drain - does it wear out?

    Used to be a notorious leak point back when the fitting was plastic, maybe just tighten it up a bit?
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    New builders

    This should lead to improved quality and decreased prices, what's not to like. Steve:)
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    Re gel coat inside of mast step

    Fit wear strips to your mast as well, totally eliminates any gelcoat erosion. Steve
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    Suggestions for a low gudgeon?

    Take off gudgeons and put them back on the other way up. Steve
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    Laser Repairing

    Hi, Use a hoover to remove teflon disc, dry out the area thoroughly then pour in about an old 35mm film container worth of epoxy. After it sets replace teflon disk and go sailing. A hatch installed next to the daggerboard slot will help ventilate the hull without suggesting a mast step repair. Steve
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    I sold my 40+ year old laser last year and when I was offered a much newer hull, the new hull had some deck delamination and several small areas of missing gelcoat due to air bubbles from the construction process. It is an LP boat and it looks to me like the quality is far inferior, basically...