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    New standard sail

    Is anybody else hearing the stories about the new standard sail being available later this year? My sources are pretty reliable, but if the stories are true it would seem strange that there has been no publicity yet. Maybe after the World Council meeting in a couple of weeks?
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    New boat curing time

    Does anyone have any opinions how long a new Laser should be left to harden up before use? Conventional wisdom is that you should keep a boat off the water for as long as possible, but my new boat may only be out of the mould for two or three weeks before I use it for some serious racing. Plus...
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    Queensland Metro Championships photos

    We went racing last Sunday in 25 knots, gusting 30+. OG from took some great shots of the action. I've attached a few of my favourite images below. Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution versions, or visit to...
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    2006 Masters Worlds

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding out any information about this year's Masters Worlds, other than that they will be held on Jeju Island, Korea from 23 to 30 September. Does anybody have any further information about the regatta? I would have thought that information for a regatta of this...