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    Happy Holidays

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Enjoyable Holiday! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and you had a good day with family and friends :) Man does santa know his gifts, he brought me a new cover for my newly refinished Sunfish.... Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year, Michael
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    Pros Vs. Cons for Inspection Port

    I'm trying to get a little info and some opinions on inspection ports. I was thinking about installing one, or two on my sunfish. My idea was to install one on the stern in between the tiller and the cockpit to help air out the hull, and install another around the cockpit someplace and maybe put...
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    Could Use a Little Help....

    I have been working on my Sunfish in school, and I came across a problem. I flipped it over to paint the bottom and noticed the a bolt was missing that holds the rudder assembly to the hull. Take a look... Now I have no clue where the bolt is or how I could fix it. I figured I am most likely...
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    Sunfish Boat Covers

    I'm looking for a good deck cover for my Sunfish. What would you recommend?? A Mast Up or Mast Down? And what company? Thanks, Michael
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    WTB Sunfish Parts (Mast, Daggerboard and Rudder) Pre 72'

    I'm new to sailing and I just bought a older model Sunfish. The hull is in good condition but I need to replace some parts on it. I'm looking for a wooden Daggerboard and Rudder. The rudder system is the older model. Also I'm looking for a mast. The one I have now is cracked so I would like to...