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  1. jonathan_twite

    Latest Design for the Torch?

    It might affect the handicap....
  2. jonathan_twite

    Riveted bung

    I have a "quarter-turn" bung in the back of my Laser and the seal broke so I decided to order a full "screw-in" bung to replace it with - thinking that it was probably more water-tight (I have various leakage problems). When I went to remove the old bung fitting, I found that instead of it...
  3. jonathan_twite

    Right-of-way involving several boats and the shore

    I had a situation while racing on a river at the weekend after which I decided that if I had done the correct thing I wasn't sure if I would be in the wrong or not. I was heading on a run on port-tack towards a mark with a boat either side of me. Boat A was leeward of me and next to the shore...