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    Geezer Rigging

    My daughter's and I raced (locally) and sailed for many years in the NYC area. Except for minor forays to the North Carolina coast the boats (a 1973 and a 1977) have not been actively used and hang from my garage ceiling I do have an electric hoist) in the Lake Norman, NC area where I now live...
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    If this has been discussed before, sorry, I missed it. My several attempts to beach my 'fish in a mild surf have all ended in disaster: broken mast, broken dagger board, sails buried in sand, etc etc. Any suggestions? What do you think of this idea? Drop, furn and tie sail to bridle, raise...
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    Mast Needed

    Anybody in the Lake Norman - Charlotte, NC have a new or used Sunfish mast for sale?
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    Mast wanted (Lake Norman)

    Need new or used Sunfish mast. Lake Norman, NC area
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    Deck stripes

    I have a 1973 Alcort Sunfish and need to repaint the red/white/blue deck stripes. Actually would need the red and blue. Any suggestions as to brand, type, color, etc? Clyde
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    sanding marine-tex

    What do you guys use to sand down Marine-Tex that you've applied to repair small gouges, etc.? Is a 5 inch orbital sander too much or are the small ones OK. I don't want to destroy the adjacent gel coat. Thanks for any advice! Clyde
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    super sunfish rig and sail

    Anyone out there have a super sunfish rig and sail for sale? Clyde
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    Sail Cips vs Sail Ties

    Pros and cons, please, of using the regular plastic sail clips or using line to attach the sail to the spars.
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    surf launching

    Any hints or suggestions (besides don't do it) on launching (and landing) a 'fish in the surf?
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    Towing a Sunfish

    Has anyone out there had experience towing a Sunfish with another boat? I have a 26' outboard boat and would like to tow the 'fish to other areas of the lake on which I sail. I've thought of a "V" bridle amd a boom of some kind to prevent the 'fish from running up on the outboard. And I knowe...
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    Painting hull

    Does anyone have any feed back for me as to what kind of paint I should use? I am repairing blisters/bubbles and filling, now need to resurface. Is Imron a good choice? I tried some gelcoat touchup a year ag or so and it was not durable. Suggestions welcome!
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    Hull blisters

    I leave my Sunfish (circa 1976) in the water (fresh) 9 months of the year. It has developedc serious hull blisters. I will not keep it in the water again but how do i fix them in the meantime? I know I have to grind them down but what do I use as filler?
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    I have an older Sunfish which has developed serious blisters on the hull. How do I proceed to repair this problem?