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    New standard sail

    I'm not so sure. At the highest levels of competition, people buy new sails for every regatta, so the sail change isn't going to make any difference there. Down in the trenches, people sail until their sails look like dishrags, and then replace them. Not sure the change is going to matter much...
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    Winter gear trouble.

    Go to the discount bin at a dive shop and get a thick (quarter inch) wetsuit hood. As is, it's way too constricting to wear sailing, but cut off the neck and as much of the bottom as you like to suit your fashion sensibilities (it'll look dorky no matter what!) and you'll have a nice neoprene...
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    Wanted boom (decent cond; with stiffener insert)

    I'm looking for a boom that's in decent shape and that includes the stiffener. It does not need to include the mainsheet blocks (as I already have those).; +1 617 413 3734 Please help to fight LaserForum clutter by not replying here....
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    Dumb Rules We Gotta Change

    Who says you can't use a hook to attach the cunningham control line to the becket of the cunningham block?