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    Compressed air coming out of stern plug

    So I have search far and wide for an answer to a question only I seem to be asking. Whether it be having the plug in for 10 minutes or a 4 hour session when the plug comes out compressed air shoots out the stern plug for about 5-15 seconds. -Yes I take my plug out every night/ when I am not...
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    Boat Storage (Canada)

    With my first winter with the boat I'd love to hear how some of you are storing your boat. Mine is currently in my garage. Only problem is that its not insulated. Its pretty cold in it, as I have no basement/ floor insulation underneath. Will the cold damage the fibreglass in any way? Should I...
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    Acme Tillers

    Been meaning to buy a new tiller for around a season now, and with the holidays around the corner it was a great thing to ask for. Anyone know whats going on with these tillers? Everyone is saying they're not being made anymore. Real shame. Never heard anything negative about them. Found the...
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    Board Bag

    I live in Ottawa and I am looking for a relatively cheap board bag, which is close to home. No holes or rips please. Thanks Natalie
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    O-Ring Size (Auto Bailor)

    So just got a 2012 laser, but the problem is that the auto bailor is leaking. Figured out that it's probably just my o-rings that popped off. Would anyone be able to send me the measurements of the o-rings because I don't want to spend $10 for 4 when I can get them for pennies at a local...
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    Laser Trailer

    I'm looking for a used laser trailer. Preferably in Canada but I am willing to drive max 5 hours (From Ottawa, Canada). Please email me at ntanczak @ if you have anything to offer. Thanks !