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    Geezer vs. Racing Rigs

    If I may be technical for a minute, the higher the sail the higher the center of effort and, thus the heeling moment or what makes the boat "tippy". For geezers like me with less agility the higher rig is better. The downside is that I can't handle the stronger breezes without a lot of heeling...
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    Geezer Rigging

    Thanks Alan. Just the kind of stuff I'm looking for!
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    Geezer Rigging

    My daughter's and I raced (locally) and sailed for many years in the NYC area. Except for minor forays to the North Carolina coast the boats (a 1973 and a 1977) have not been actively used and hang from my garage ceiling I do have an electric hoist) in the Lake Norman, NC area where I now live...
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    Quick Sail Dropping

    Sounds like you don't have to worry about surf which adds a whole new dimension to landing!
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    Hi Everyone....:)

    Good luck. Where do (or will) you sail?
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    I was afraid your answers would agree with my experiences. Great photo of the 'fish caught in the wave - could have been me but wasn't. Very similar, tho!
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    Mmmm. Good question. I'd say 1 to 2 feet and yes, they do break - usually just once. I'm talking specifically about the North Carolina coast - North Topsail Beach.
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    If this has been discussed before, sorry, I missed it. My several attempts to beach my 'fish in a mild surf have all ended in disaster: broken mast, broken dagger board, sails buried in sand, etc etc. Any suggestions? What do you think of this idea? Drop, furn and tie sail to bridle, raise...
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    Sunfish beach dolly?

    I have one exactly like it that I got years ago from a friend who was a marine (not necessarily Sunfish) dealer. Even has the "chair leg covers" to prevent marring the hull. I've used it on sand off and on and it works well as the wheels are big. So would guess it is a commercial and not "one...
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    Mast wanted (Lake Norman)

    Thanks Kent. I got in touch with one of the dealers who will be at Lake Norman for the Board Bash this coming weekend and will bring a mast with him.
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    Mast Needed

    Anybody in the Lake Norman - Charlotte, NC have a new or used Sunfish mast for sale?
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    Mast wanted (Lake Norman)

    Need new or used Sunfish mast. Lake Norman, NC area
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    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    Just out of curiosity - how is this a theological (i.e. religious) question? Do you perhaps mean theoretical? Not nit picking - just wondering what you really meant, if different than the obvious. Has to be one side or the other. Port was chosen. What difference can it possibly make since all...
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    New Halyard Rule

    See attached which I downloaded from the forum a long time ago.
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    What are your sailing goals for 2013?

    Amen, Alan. Thatis what I was trying to tell him. Clyde
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    What are your sailing goals for 2013?

    I don't have to tell you that you'll need EXACTLY the right conditions to make your shore to shore excursion. The Sound is noted for it's (sometimes) violent winds, (sometimes) lack of wind plus significant currents. I've sailed on the Sound for many years (larger boats than a Sunfish) and...
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    New Sail for Xmas! Color schemes?

    I had two circa 1976 'fish for my daughters. Sails were red/white/ blue. Nice
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    Hiking for an Old Man

    Early 60's is old? Then I'm a fossil at 74 but still try to sail 2 or three times a week but I avoid heavy winds. With age has come a little extra weight so keeping thew boat upright is not too much of a problem. Get out and unjoy yourself, kid!
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    Deck stripes

    One small - and expensive - problem. The Pettit paint looks great but smallest it seems to come in is quarts. A little too much paint for a couple of stripes. Guess I'll look for polyurethane in small cans. Clyde
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    Deck attachments

    Read the isleofwightlen reply very carefully!