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  1. Tim Polaski

    Sunfish double or single trailer

    OK peeps, I have a trailer that is a "Dilly" trailer that I have converted into a sunfish trailer/multi purpose trailer. The trailer is set up for upside down trailering and I have a wood frame rack for adding another sunfish on top. The bunks have been located where the boat is strongest...
  2. Tim Polaski

    Complete Sunfish for Sale

    Hi everyone, My dad is selling his sunfish and has asked me to post it here. He has an AMF, with wooden daggerboard and rudder. He has a used race sail and I put on boom cleats for cunningham and outhaul as well as a mast cleat, 2 inspection ports and a big harken hexaratchet main block...
  3. Tim Polaski

    Hiking Bench

    Hi guys, I have a hiking bench that I really never used. Got it from a friend a while back because they sold their Laser. The bench is in excellent shape. It looks like it was a kit from Mine looks like this one except I didn't make the mainsheet...
  4. Tim Polaski

    2008 Sunfish NA's logo

    k kids, Last year I though I would try to generate interest in having a logo contest for the 2008 NA's. Well we had a whopping response of... ......... .......... .......... ........... ZERO! So my brother, who is in the graphic design biz, came up with one for me and I'm...
  5. Tim Polaski

    Aluminum Trim Bending

    Hey all, I'm fixing dad's boat which T-boned a steel bulkhead last year :eek: and I have to put a new aluminum trim piece around the bow. I was playing with a piece yesterday and managed to kink it pretty good while trying to bend it into shape. Has anyone had success with the sharp bend...
  6. Tim Polaski

    2008 North Americans logo contest

    Hey everyone, I need to come up with a logo to represent the 2008 Sunfish North Americans to be held at the Erie Yacht Club in Erie, PA. The logo will be used on tee-shirts, flyers, the website and other freebie type stuff. Since I am only moderately creative, I thought we should have a...
  7. Tim Polaski cover for bottom cover

    I have a sunfish top cover (Storm) that came with a brand new boat. It was given to me as the owner stores his boat in a garage and has not used the cover since he got the boat over 2 years ago. It has never been used. It comes in a nice canvas tote bag too. I already have a top cover and I...
  8. Tim Polaski

    Tragedy at Worlds - David Thompson

    :( From the Sunfish Worlds website: CHARLESTON, South Carolina—Charleston Harbor had the appearance of a mill pond when the international fleet of 98 sailors launched their boats today at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, but by race time shortly after 2:00 p.m., a steady 8 to 10-knot...
  9. Tim Polaski

    Tom-Kat's solo roof-rack-stack-packing.....

    Ok, this is going to be interesting..... At the midwest regionals, Tom Kat asked me to shoot photos of him loading his fish onto his van by himself so that we can share this long kept secret with others........ SO HEEEERRRRREEEEESSSSSS......TOMKAT First photo is the boat and dolly next to...
  10. Tim Polaski

    User Poll.....sunfish wearables

    Let's see if there's any interest in making sunfish wearables.....basically this would be for long and short sleeve tee shirts and sweatshirts with some kind of cool bold sunfish logo on them. I would have to check and see if we are allowed to use the logo or if big brother will put an end...
  11. Tim Polaski

    Sam Myers Regatta - Pymatuning

    Sam Myers Memorial Regatta Pymatuning Sailing Club July 8 & 9, 2006 (10 boats) Pymatuning Sailing Club provided heaping amounts of hospitality and great food, as is usual at this regatta. Mark this one on your calendar for next season!!! On Saturday, under sunny skies and warm...
  12. Tim Polaski

    Buying fleet...get em out!

    Hey everyone!!! We have some momentum and are pushing towards a real fleet in Erie and need to locate some respectable boats for people who want them. I am looking for our potential sailors for newer and older boats that are respectable. No old style rudder boats, no heavies, no pearsons...
  13. Tim Polaski

    World's - Wild Card List

    Question.....are all class memebers put into the lottery for the wild card list? When and where is the lottery drawn? I'm curious, because it seems like an easy pass for quite a few members. Not that I wouldnt take the opportunity, but I would prefer to qualify like everyone else has to. Also...
  14. Tim Polaski

    Good Luck Eduardo and Paul-Jon

    Our class is being well represented in the Championship of Champions at Bayview YC. Eduardo Cordero and Paul-Jon Patin will be sailing the Flying Squat together versus a field of champions. If you guys are lurking on the forum....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!...(and don't get mugged on the way to BYC). We'll...
  15. Tim Polaski

    Infant and toddler life jackets

    I have one infant (up to 30 lb) size life jacket and one toddler life jacket (up to 50 lb) for sale. They are both Mustang Survival "Lil legends" PFD's, USCG approved. mustang survival They are in very good condition and do not show any wear and are really clean too. I have pics if...
  16. Tim Polaski

    Photos from 2005 NA's

    Does anyone know where to find photos from Lewes? I know there were quite a few cameras there and I saw some prints in the clubhouse. I also heard there is a site that somebody in the class maintains with lots of photos but I don't recall the name. Anyone want to share? TIA.
  17. Tim Polaski

    Minifish Hull...Erie, PA.

    Greetings all, I have a used minifish hull that I have no use for. Any reasonable offer considered. I can bring it with me to Lewes DE for NA's or points reasonably close in between. Tim
  18. Tim Polaski

    2005 NA's

    Well, I'm officially signed up. Who else is coming? Note the June 12th deadline for early registration. Tim ....gotta change my avatar
  19. Tim Polaski

    The Ultimate Sleeper (good deal too)

    Check this one out on EBAY......with the exception of no doggie doo stains, this meets OG's criteria for a sleeper :D . Check out the minimum price too :eek: your next boat???
  20. Tim Polaski

    Where's Old Geezer???

    Ok, it's been too long so we need to figure out where to initiate the search party. Where's the geez?