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  1. jerryRiggin

    Christmas on the charts

    I found the North Pole on Navionics! and apparently there is a rod shop there! Also, did ya'll know how many lakes, bays, coves, islands and cays have the name Christmas?! It became apparent when using the search feature in my Navionics app:
  2. jerryRiggin

    Exxpedition- a sailing voyage to save the planet

    I discovered Exxpedition, an all-female research expedition to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. What an amazing experience for young women (or any women) around the world...
  3. jerryRiggin

    Update navigation apps AND charts

    A friend of mine recently ran aground and did some serious damage to his boat (thankfully nobody was injured) due to allegedly inaccurate charts. However, when we dug into it, turns out my friend had not updated his navigation charts or the navigation app. Personally I use Navionics app on my...
  4. jerryRiggin

    Plotter sync

    Anyone tried plotter sync with their app? you should be able to see your routes etc from your app also on your plotter
  5. jerryRiggin

    AIS on Navionics app?!

    Did ya'll see the AIS is available through the Navionics app now?! AIS in the Navionics Boating App This is a feature that was historically only available to pretty high end equipment. I could definitely see this being a huge help in low vis areas. Has anyone tried this yet?
  6. jerryRiggin

    Re-charting after hurricanes

    Has anyone heard if Navionics plans to facilitate re-charting of the areas impacted by the hurricanes this year like they did after Hurricane Michael? (for reference: Important Coastline Updates to Areas in the Florida Panhandle Post-Hurricane Michael )
  7. jerryRiggin

    Classic sailing sunset

    Snagged this beauty while out sailing and collecting some sonarchart data for Navionics charts!
  8. jerryRiggin

    Lake Texoma sailing

    Has anyone sailed on Lake Texoma. I was prepping to go out, updated my charts and found that they looked really different. Seems Navionics added SonarChart Shading. What's your sailing experience been like on Texoma? And what about these updated charts?
  9. jerryRiggin

    Updates since Irma

    Remember the horrible hurricane season 2 years ago that ravaged the southeast? Irma and Michael both left a wake of destruction and changes to our waterways. The Navionics cartography team has remapped many of the most devastated areas: - Laguna Beach near Panama City - West coast of St...
  10. jerryRiggin

    SonarChart Shading makes contours easy to see

    Sonarchart Shading makes it really easy to see the contours on the charts. A pretty neat thing and there is a sale on charts this month: Save $30 USD on Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum in May
  11. jerryRiggin

    Where to sail in summer?

    Where is the best place to sail in the summer? In S. Florida it's hot, muggy and not much wind (except during a storm). I see some beautiful spots on the Navionics charts in the Carolinas, Maine, and other northern locations. What's your favorite summertime sailing spot?
  12. jerryRiggin

    Memorial Day week Sailing in Tampa Bay

    It was a beautiful Memorial Day week in Tampa (after the rain finally stopped). Where else did people get out on the water Memorial Day and start of June? Let's see some pics.
  13. jerryRiggin

    Favorite kids water pics

    What's your favorite picture with your kids boating, swimming, etc?
  14. jerryRiggin

    App for tracking races, race practices, etc?

    What app do you use on your phone for tracking your races and practices? I have a favorite and my reasons why but I'm interested in what other people are using and why. Thanks!!
  15. jerryRiggin

    Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

    Everyone on here has something to teach each of us. Whether you work in the field, are an expert at something, or are a novice and learned the hard way... Let's learn from each other. This is a space for everyone to post information for others to learn from. Share what you feel will help others...
  16. jerryRiggin

    Cruising Cuba- free webinar

    Ever thought about cruising Cuba? Join me next Wednesday night October 4th at 6pm EST for a FREE webinar featuring #WaterwayGuide Addison Chan and Ed Tillett on cruising Cuba. Cruising Cuba- Preparing for the Ultimate Adventure Sign up here: Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Cruising...
  17. jerryRiggin

    Free Webinar- what areas are you interested in learning more about?

    I'll be joining up with Waterway Guide to do a series of free webinars (interviewing the experts!). Some possible topics are below. Which would you like to hear more about? (or is there some other topic that would interest you more)? 1. Using chartplotters and SonarChartLive (among other...
  18. jerryRiggin

    Best small sailboat to teach very young child?

    We live on an enclosed lake that's always pretty calm (though we do need to get under a power line with the mast to get out to the lake... we're the second lot off the lake in a canal). What's the best boat for some easy lake sailing to teach a very young child to sail. We'd need something that...
  19. jerryRiggin

    Chartering in Thailand

    A group of families is putting together a group family vacation in Thailand. Our tentative plan is to fly into Phuket and bare boatcharter a catamaran there. Looking at the map of the area, there appears to be a no shortage of small islands to explore. Can any give advice on which ones are worth...
  20. jerryRiggin

    Transfer your sailing waypoints ... finally!

    FINALLY the ability to update your Navionics card from in the plotter and transfer waypoints is HERE! I'm trying it out on my iPhone and iPad this Independence Day while out sailing our usual course. I use the app and the chartplotter both to save our racing courses. Now I can just transfer...