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  1. odegaard

    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    Also on Sunfish Listserve. for discussion/comments
  2. odegaard


    Older Sunfish with multi colored Class approved North sail with window/numbers (has a few patches) + halyard/sheet + mahogany brd./rudder. Hull has 2 inspection ports. Good kid off-the-beach boat. located Guilford, Ct.
  3. odegaard

    "frozen" pintle pin in alum. rudder cheeks

    The problem is with a Force 5 pin, but about same as a Sunfish--I have tried soaking in penetrating oil/heat/banging on it--but still NG. I don't want to break the aluminum--any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Odie 27777
  4. odegaard

    "legalize" short Sunfish masts

    Also posted on Yahoo Sunfish sailor group--Sunfish masts do break; new masts are expensive (~$175); good luck trying to buy a new one-I gave up this last summer, 6 mo. thru dealer and no mast; Jens rigs can be complex and intiminating to the uninitiated; current Rule Measurement Diagram shows...
  5. odegaard

    Florida midweek pad available

    Any Sunfishers coming down to the Masters and Midwinters--we have a 2nd bdr. available @ Jupiter, Fl. condo if you need a place to hang out inbetween ( 3/19-3/23). Call Odie @203-453-6416
  6. odegaard

    Stiffened tiller

    Last summer at the Barrington NA's I was told by the attending Class Measurer, that the Class AC/WC had passed a new rule that any stiffening could be applied to the old wooden tillers. I was assured that the rule change had been approved by the ISAF. Subsequently, I have stiffened my olde...
  7. odegaard

    Super Sunfish sail & rigs

    Nice colored (red/yellow/orange) ss sail with daggerboard and 2 sets of spars (masts/booms). Sail has white 696 number. Located W. Hartford, Ct. Asking $325 or b.o. 203-533-5741 or cell: 203-453-6416
  8. odegaard

    Used racing sail for sale

    Raced for ~4seasons; some patches/stains; has stick-on numbers 27777; will return $ if no like it. 203-533-5741
  9. odegaard

    Odie Rig re visited

    Notice that there is a Class rule that allows running the halyard down on either side of the sail. For the un-initiated this is a method to depower the sail by flattening out the front of the sail. By running the halyard down the port side of the sail, the sail LE is disturbed and flattened...
  10. odegaard

    Recycle olde Awards/trophies+ olde wood parts needed

    Dust off those old plaques/bowls/"bowling trophies" in the attic and re-cycle for use at growing junior fleet @Leetes Island, Guilford, Ct. Also, need old wooden boards/tillers/rudders for aging fleet of Sunfish. Mail to Paul Odegaard, 60 Rockledge Circle, Guilford, Ct. 06437 or see me at a...
  11. odegaard

    racing with #2 REEF

    Last w/e, I finally got a chance to race in 20-25 mph winds with a #2 reef in a racing sail. The reef is easy to rig on the water and the boat is very manageable in a blow. I run a long uphaul to the head of the sail down through the tack and tie off the bitter end (after a purchase) at the...
  12. odegaard

    Flicks of Sunfish vanity plates wanted

    Pls. send digital photos of Sunfish (or Sunfsh, etc.) vanity licence plates to Odie at: Eventually, I will send a composite into the "Leg" for publication. The goal is to reach all 50 states--good publicity for the Class!