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    Used Quantum Sails

    Quantum Sails (Main, Genoa and Spinnaker) Good Condition $1500 USD
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    J24 Mast Tip Cover

    Would like recommendations where I can source the aluminum plate that covers the mast head?
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    Wichard Shackle for Jib / Genoa Tack.

    Can someone give me the exact size of the Wichard swivel tack shakle used for the jib/Genoa tack on the J24 ? is it the 2 3/4 " L ?
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    Replacement for forward hatch

    Can anyone advise which “alluminium” hatch Is the best replacement than origional black foredeck hatch on the j24 ?
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    looking for a used blade for J24

    looking for a used blade . Max $200 USD
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    Simrad Tiller Autopilot

    Would like to get advice and/or recommendations about the Simrad TP 10 (tiller Auto-pilot) from anyone with personal experience with this said product. (using for long haul deliveries) e-mail : Thanks
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    J24 Jib Blade or Pan Am Jib Wanted

    Looking for a slightly used J24 Blade or Pan Am Jib in very good condition . Contact me by e-mail: