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  1. Lmason90

    sunfish rudder

    i recently purchased a gorgeous old style rudder that was refinished. when i hook it up to the boat it is locked in do i get it to kick up for rocks ?
  2. Lmason90

    Sunfish bailer cap missing

    I am missing the cap to the bailer in my sunfish. I went to the hardware store and got a water tight plug to put in there but it seemed as though the threads might have been stripped. It just didnt fit right, and I am curious about other ways of plugging this hole. Any ideas?
  3. Lmason90

    Old or new style rudder?

    I have an old alcort sunfish that I recieved for free and it came with everything but the rudder/tiller. This is my first sunfish and would love verification that this is either an 'old' or a 'new' style. Also, if anyone has one for sale I am extremely interested.