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  1. jpjanke

    Thank you to all Contributors and Kerr Lake North Carolina/Virginia

    I am now on page 14 of the threads, have learned so much. Thank you to all This Forum is a wealth of info Only 175 pages more to go. Done with my learning for the night, just wondering if any one here sails on Kerr Lake, North Carolina/Virginia. That is where I will renew my sailing. Grew...
  2. jpjanke

    What is the best way to maintain a shiny hull. (store for winter)

    Cleaning our "new" boat now. After it is all clean and pretty, how do I get the luster back? It will be stored for the winter and would like to get it as protected as possible. Don't want to do anything to mess it up. We plan on storing it upside down on horses or a rack. If we can make...
  3. jpjanke

    Sunfish (1981) or Hull and parts

    I have a sunfish hull, with mast, 2 spars, beat up Sunfish Sail. 2 rudder/tillers 2 dagger boards. In need of TLC. Serial Number AMF xxxxxm81k has Amf Alcort Division Stickers on both sides.
  4. jpjanke

    Do all sunfish have hull drain plugs?

    Just got an old sunfish, it has a cockpit drain, but I can not find any drain plug in the hull? Do some of them not have one?
  5. jpjanke

    To fix or not to fix

    We were just given 2 sunfish, one hull is just dirty, the other is pretty beat up but tight. Neither one seems to be heavy, both are missing drain plugs Mast and booms are great, missing 1 mast bottom. Have 3 rudder/tillers, 3 dagger boards. need varnish Might need a new set of sail rings...