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    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    good rnorning stollie, . . . I have shared your enjoyment of open water single handed sailing, since the mid 70's. "cool change" . . . . . . . . my nic is from the styx song "come sail away", from that era. I was wild bill back then, I'm mild bill now. I gave the name to my nacra catamaran, so...
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    Sunfish mast and boom wanted

    hi alan, . . . thanks very much for the offer. . . . no, I did not mean brand new, just serviceable. and to me that is straight and not with excess corrosion. I think this is an amf boat we noticed for sale on the side of the highway and rescued. it has some repairs, including the boom that had...
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    GEORGIA Sunfish mast and boom wanted

    . . . looking for a new mast and boom for my sunfish project. I will probably pick it/them up, hopefully in ga/fla/sc. looks like I have to enter a price, estimating $200 each. thanks, bill
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    Need a mast

    . . . sorry, was looking for a new one. thanks, bill
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    Need a mast

    . . . pls let me know how I can purchase one of them. I am also looking for a boom. thanks much, bill