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    Doug Kaukeinen wins the 2008 Sunfish North Americans

    Final Results can be found here and sorted by division here
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    2008 Sunfish North Americans Day 2 Results Results Here
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    2008 Sunfish North Americans Day 1 Results
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    1995 Laser Full Rig and Dolly for Sale

    1995 Laser Full Rig and Seitech Dolly for Sale. Racing Rigged, will throw in extra sails. Best sail is only 2 seasons old, I believe I have 2 extra sails for practice. Will need own tiller extension and new stern plug only. Boat is in good shape, located in Remsenburg, NY (the hamptons)...
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    Brian McGinnis wins Sunfish MidAtlantic Regional I

    24 boats showed up to compete at the Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association in Delaware this past weekend, June 21-22nd, 2008. Sailors travelled from at least 6 states for the competition including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey. Among the competitors was former...
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    Doug Kaukeinen wins New England Regional I

    Congrats to Doug Kaukeinen for winning the New England Regional I over a talented fleet of 32 boats at Barrington Beach this past weekend. Runner-up was Mark May.
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    MidAtlantic Regional I NOR Posted
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    Eduardo Cordero Sunfish Clinic at the Dinghy Shop - May 17-18, 2008

    See the attachment for details
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    David Loring/Dayton Colie Video Discussing the Sunfish Class Competition Level

    Check out the video here
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    Complete Listing of US Sailing O'Day Area Qualifiers as of 4-18-08'Day_Qualifiers.pdf
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    2008 South American Continental Championship

    Oct. 27 - Nov. 2 - South American Continental Championship at Manta, Ecuador Notice of Race will be posted soon, should have information regarding 2009 Championship soon as well.
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    2008 Sunfish Regatta Schedule
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    International Masters Day 1 Results International Masters Day 1 Results
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    Attention New York Sailors and Fleet Captains

    Attention New York Sailors and Fleet Captains: The 2008 Calendar has now been posted at To date, these are the only dates I have been notified about. Please review the events calendar to ensure the dates listed for your clubs are correct. Also, be...
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    Vote for Sebastian Mera (World Champion) as Dominican Republic Athlete of the Year

    Vote for Sebastian Mera for Dominican Republic Athlete of the Year. Sebastian is the 2007 Sunfish World Champion.
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    Jeff Linton - US SAILING's 2007 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year

    Congratulations to 5-time Sunfish North American Champion Jeff Linton on being awarded one of US Sailing's most prestigious honors
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    2008 North Americans Notice of Race Also, NY Downstate
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    Sailing Anarchy 2007 One-Design Survey
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    Proper Course Year of the Sunfish

    Just over a year ago I sold my last Sunfish (after owning one or more for over 15 years) and decided to concentrate on racing my Laser. I have no regrets after a year of fun, travel, and some modest achievement in the Laser. But I wonder if my timing was a bit off... After all, 2008 is the Year...
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    Notice of Race Midwintes and International Masters

    March 8-10 - International Masters at Pensacola YC March 12 - Sunfish Team Racing at St. Andrews Bay YC March 13-15 - Midwinter US Nationals at St. Andrews Bay YC Notice of Race