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    2008 Olympic Medal Races

    Hi, Does anyone know where the medal races for 2008 are online? The Finn race was excellent to watch but I can't see it anywhere. Laser race was pretty light from memory. Cheers
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    Sailing with a hernia

    Hi all, I'm chuffed there's a thread on this! I've just been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia but am now waiting 4 weeks before seeing the specialist. The GP reckons i'm fine to crack on as I am (unless it hurts) but it's difficult to convey how much stress a breezy sail can cause when hiking...
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    Old v new upper Mast

    Hi all, What are the advantages of the new mast? Presumably it doesn't bend as easily but is it any faster? Cheers
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    Ideal Weight

    Hi all, Do you think the ideal weight has moved up with the new Mark 2 sail? I've heard some people say you need to be heavier than the standard go to weight of 80kg. Thoughts?
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    Best way to put on sail numbers?

    ouch yes! I would throw it out as this would make you sail like a slug
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    Mark II Summary

    I've sailed this for a while now and my conclusions are: Below 8 knots: it is slower than Mark I 8-12 knots: it is the same as mark I 12 knots +: it is faster that mark I Keeping it simple that's where I think it pitches but would love any other feedback....
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    Laser Performance No Longer Licensed, Kirby "Torch" is the New Laser

    from what i have read i can completely understand kirby's position. my only question is; when i sail on the weekend am i sailing a kirby torch or laser?
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    dharmarker - what?
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    Hi!!! As a benchmark can anybody tell me how many hours a week the top guys are on the water for? Also how much land traning do they do and what does it entail? Also, any benchmarks like how fast can they row 2k or cycle 20k etc. would be a massive help. Thanks a lot, kenny keeno
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    fitness and laser sailing

    so what kind of things do you all do in gym? e.g.cycle, row, run and how far and how long for? Any weights stuff? It is off-season in the UK but trying to improve my fitness atm.
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    fitness and laser sailing

    hi all, it's been a while since i posted on here. Someone here told me that Scheidt was supremely fit because he wanted to concentrate solely on boat speed and not have to worry how his body was hurting. This season was the fittest I have been and it has made such a massive difference. I am...
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    sea sick

    yeah i completely sympathise with people who have sea sickness as it can damage performance big time. my friend took stugeron but felt shattered. i've seen all these ideas on here but as this is quite old is there any new products anyone has good experiences with? peace and love
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    Laser Europeans

    Hi All, Does anyone know the qualification criteria for the Standard Europeans? How many GBR boats are generally considered? Has anyone qualified for an event of this magnitude? I have a full time job and am 21 with a full time's difficlt to find the time but am keen to use...
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    rooster tactics dvd

    has anyone bought these? any good?
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    Laser Mainsheets

    have you found that the rooster one tangles at all when water is in the cockpit as gouvernail is saying? thanks everyone for the tips !! love the description of the new sail, when is it actually due?
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    Laser Mainsheets

    i dont know but reckon 5.5mm sounds way to thin for heavy winds!!! someone may put me right though!! heard rooster 6mm is a good one for all conditions too.
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    new sail bigger than previous

    Hi, I got a new sail today and when laying it out on top of the old one to stick the numbers on, I realised it is slightly wider and longer than the old one. We had three of us on it and this definitely appears to be the case! Has anyone else had this before? I'm guessing it's a good thing!
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    Wet and Dry or Sandpaper

    I have rubbed down the trailing edges of my foils gently with 800 grit wet and dry and they are still humming. I would be forever grateful if someone could spell it out to me what I need to do for sharper and straighter trailing edges. Wet and dry? Grits? Sandpapering? How long for etc. Any...
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    Wet and Dry or Sandpaper

    I have rubbed the trailing edges down with 800 wet and dry and finished with 1200 but they are still humming. i would be forever grateful if someone could spell out exactly how i can finish my trailing edges properly and how to stop humming?thank you!
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    Carbon Tiller Cracking

    £135? Has anyone found a cheaper deal anywhere!?!?!? Cheers for the help!