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  1. ang

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    what point of sail? if up wind pinch higher
  2. ang

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    started racing radials in high school at around 125lbs, about 150lbs now. dry flipping is the way to go, when the boat goes over climb over the top of the hull instead of swimming to the daggerboard. its way faster and easier, all your weight ends up being on the dagger board instead of in the...
  3. ang

    Help with rigging

    i dont see any use other then getting in the way. i good place for a water bottle is just above the hiking strap eyelets. run a bungee through the two eyelets, around the traveler cleat then tie the ends together. holds bottles perfect and out of the way
  4. ang

    Sponsors on sails

    want to send me some sticker ? lol
  5. ang

    Sponsors on sails

    So pretty much as long as i dont interfear with the window, numbers or country code im good to go?
  6. ang

    Sponsors on sails

    these are dacron sails right? a local sign shop said they could make me some vinyl stickers that should work. but i would rather sail material. the tunnicliff sail i have has vinyl kswiss logos where the usa flags usually are and they are peeling and chipping. but the sail cloth carmuse logo...
  7. ang

    Sponsors on sails

    I want to put my company logo on my radial sail and possibly a full rig. I was thinking above the window on the starbord side. I had one of anna tunnicliffes sail with a logo there and looked pretty good. So whats the class rules on sizes? And whats the best sticker material for a logo?
  8. ang

    Harken boom and traveler blocks

    definitely worth it especially if the originals are worn
  9. ang

    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    I also feel the new lp boats quality is pretty bad. I had a 2008 vanguard. My boat next to a newer lp, the bottoms of the rails are half as thick, and not a consistent thickness the length of the hull. On my 2008 the thickness is fairly consistany. There is a psa boat in my area. It seems to be...
  10. ang

    Check your curved vang key!!!

    which vang do you have? the new style vang you can fit 2 of them. that way when it snapps you have a 2nd one ready to go
  11. ang

    Bye bye LP

    Ill try to post a link tomorrow. But has anyone seen lps statement on instagram? Doesnt look good. There not giving up the rights without a fight
  12. ang

    2008 laser

  13. ang

    2008 laser

  14. ang

    2008 laser

    Im selling my 2008 laser 190471. I have raced this boat since around 2012. Never leaked. Hull is in great condition. I feel like the build quality of the boats made around 2007-2009 is much better then the new ones. Has a collie bottom cover and blad bag. 2 radial sails. Race sail is a hyde and...
  15. ang

    Plastic Gudgeons for racing

    You sure they are legal? Wood boards are also legal just not on boats the originally came with fiberglass ones. I think the metal gudgeons are the same way. Only legal on the old boats
  16. ang

    All about to kick off....

    Heard a rumor that us lasers will start coming from China. Thats not true is it?
  17. ang

    Laser Cunningham Max Legal Purchase

    i have 2 singles for my cunningham, i didnt like the doubles, the line didnt easy very well. im pretty sure what you have is the most.
  18. ang

    Upgrade Rigging

    at orange bowl 2016 the 1st place sailor in radials finished ahead my 20 points sails a 93. but his hull has been garage kept since like 94. my 2008 is still competitive but i have cracks along the daggerboard trunk and the mast step is worn more to the port side. these boats wear fast
  19. ang

    Upgrade Rigging

    you plan on competitively racing dont you? boats that dont have the updated rigging are kinda old. rigging was updated in 95 right? have you found a boat or still looking?
  20. ang

    Where to buy national letters for laser sail?

    I never though about that. Makes sense. I dont think any one in my team has the precut usa